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Rain [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 424Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 241146441

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Prompt: Man in love looking at sky ,rain, lovely sene,dinamic,ultra realistic,alone,anime
Prompt: black umbrella in rain
Prompt: Looking the city for the window. Raining. Cloudy. 4K Resolution. Retro filter
Prompt: A man with black hair in the rain
Prompt: oil painting many men dressed in black standing under black umbrellas in the dark in a rainstorm, award-winning cgi, blender, rendered in maya
Prompt: Rain drops
Prompt: A black, grey, and white photo with someone smoking a cigarette in the rain.  A calming / sad feel.
Prompt: animated person in black hoodie sitting at bus stop in the rain
Prompt: young man walking in the rain, city ​​street, night, solitary
Prompt: A collorful artwork of rain drops and the lights of the city reflecting on wet floor
Prompt: The album cover features a picturesque rainy background, with an overcast natural skyline in the distance. In the foreground, there is a silhouette of a woman standing alone, with her head tilted up towards the rain. Her expression is ambiguous, as if she is experiencing both happiness and sadness at the same time.  The overall tone of the cover is melancholic, yet hopeful, capturing the bittersweet beauty of life's ups and downs.
Prompt: a real man back standing in the rain.
Prompt: White and black cats in the rain with umbrellas
Prompt: shy black short haired girl walking in the rain at night
Prompt: Sapling on rocks shielded by black umbrella from rain
Prompt: Sometimes, the rain is the only company a pondering soul needs."
Prompt: painting of rain, studio Ghibli,  nostalgic lighting,  with dark colors, highly detailed, crisp quality, bokeh
Prompt: Rain drops on window
Prompt: Night rain
Prompt: Sapling on rocks shielded by black umbrella from rain
Prompt: fat girl in a tiny skirt walking down the street in the rain
Prompt: rainy day girl creative photos