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Triss Merigold, Miranda Lawson, Lara Croft, Jill Valentine all french kissing each other in minimal clothing in the background magical wars between angels and demons
Triss Merigold, Miranda Lawson, Lara Croft, Jil... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 14346227
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Prompt: Elegant lady with ginger hair and amber eyes
Prompt: Beautiful tomboy Elf Assassin Gunslinger with short auburn hair in a trenchcoat and leather armor smirking and point a pistol right at you
Prompt: Watercolor, gauche, mixed media, surreal. Two beautiful slender 27 year old women , different faces, arms around each other very close, one wears a turtleneck sweater, the other wears a tank top, looking up at  the Golden Gate Bridge , short hair with stylish hair cut, deep eyed, both wear very short tight leg polkadot miniskirts, pale skin, skin colored tights, bridge traffic , sunny, springtime, a few clouds,  symmetrical detailed faces, jewelry , slight freckles on one face and both with slight imperfections on skin, high heels, Bright eyes with highlights, professional lighting, highly detailed photo, full body,
Prompt: hideo kojima concept art of ((busty) female steampunk army officer, she has flowing red hair, low cut blouse, ((deep cleavage)) pencil skirt, brass armor pauldrons, ((full body portrait)), comic book style illustration, top cow comics, dark horse comics
Prompt: portrait, {25 years old}, muscular, thick 9 months Pregnant D&D fantasy happy Dwarf woman sitting on rock, {short height}, {COLOSALLY BREASTED}, {long braided red hair}, beautiful face, looking at viewer, {wearing brown blacksmith apron and grey cotton trousers}, {leather boots}, UHD, detailed face, 8k eyes, {large vivid green eyes}, {thick bimbo lips}, {colossal lip fillers}, feminine jaw, {greek nose shape}, high cheekbones, long eyelashes, {extremely wide hips}, thick thighs, {MASSIVE BUTTOCKS}, {defined abs}, intricate details, insanely detailed, {hyper detailed eyes}, masterpiece, cinematic lighting, 8k, complementary colors, octane render, volumetric lighting, unreal 5, concept art, cover, top model, light on hair, glamourous hyperdetailed background, ultra-fine details, hyper-focused, deep colors, dramatic lighting | by sakimi chan, artgerm, wlop, pixiv, instagram, deviantart
Prompt: Karen Gillan, messy hair, small body,  warrior princess cosplay, full body, jewelry set balayage wild hair, royal vibe, UHD, 8K, Very Detail. cave, masterpiece. portrait, happy face
Prompt: The character's Mercy, Mei, and Tracer from overwatch but turned into a Goth and Sadistic/aggressive instead of cute and friendly. aswell as for them to each either hold a weapon or a type of bdsm Tool in extreamly high resolution and detail
Prompt: {best quality}, {{masterpiece}}, {highres}, extremely detailed black haired girls with blue eyes, European girls, inspired by cyberpunk and brutalistic art, sharp focus, {{{character{2 girl}}}}, solo, {{{beautiful skinny body with small boobs}}}, embracing each other lovingly, cyberpunk bodysuits, light smile, closed mouth, beautiful detailed blue eyes, blue eyes, {{{{{sharp focus}}}}}, {{{{{masterpiece illustration}}}}}, long hair with side fringe, {{{black hair}}}, hair blowing in the wind {{full body}}, glowing, futuristic dystopian street, highres and very detailed face