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Edgar Chones

Edgar Chones

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Prompt: Kid skateboarding, vibrant street art background, urban graffiti, dynamic movement, high energy, colorful, playful, urban setting, detailed skateboard, youthful, street culture, best quality, vibrant, urban, dynamic, energetic, colorful, detailed, playful, street art, skateboard, lively
Prompt: create an image of kids riding bicycles and skateboards
Prompt: Female skateboarder in urban graffiti skatepark, realistic oil painting, vibrant and lively, multi-colored hair in ponytail, baggy ripped jeans, stylish crop top, baseball cap, dynamic skateboarding pose, high quality, detailed, realistic, urban, energetic, athletic, graffiti, vibrant colors, street art, fun and exciting atmosphere, professional lighting
Prompt: Doppler effect in data visualization art Wrapping a stylish female skateboarder's invisible body in beautiful complementary colors reflective digital energy Mathematical show Set apar
Prompt: 2d anime-style, Define the subject (beautiful skateboarder girl) in short sporty outfit (belly free) and action (mid-jump). Specify background elements (graffiti walls) and technical aspects like high shutter speed to convey the desired outcome.
Prompt: woman roller blading
Prompt: doing a skateboard move