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Fluid oil luminescent mint bubble
Fluid oil luminescent mint bubble [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 1234722766
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Prompt: visually captivating photograph of a Liquid Drum and Bass music playlist that brings the genre to life. Use creative lighting, shadows, and composition to showcase the playlist in an artistic and dynamic way. Infuse the image with a sense of fluidity and rhythm, visually representing the 'liquid' nature of the music, while also highlighting key track names or album covers. Your goal is to make the playlist itself a work of art that resonates with the energy and emotion of Liquid Drum and Bass.
Prompt: A ombrie  of blue green and pink back round
Prompt: fish scales
Prompt: Angel aura mystical plants swirls
Prompt: Freeform ferrofluids, beautiful dream chaos, swirling soft colors frequency --ar 3:4 --iw 9 --q 2 --s 1250
Prompt: Dripping blue and light blue colors, abstract art, fluid motion, high quality, digital painting, flowing patterns, smooth gradients, light blue shades, vibrant blue, abstract expressionism, modern art, minimalist, contemporary, fluid lines, smooth transitions, tranquil, dreamy atmosphere
Prompt: Trippy abstract purple
Prompt: trippy splash art, high quality, high detail, portrait, trippy macro lens water drops wet slimy
Prompt: Trippy abstract purple
Prompt: High quality multicolored clear liquid squirting out of a doctor's office needle white background single flow of liquid
Prompt: Long Mu's design is reminiscent of a massive earthworm, but with distinct Chinese cultural influences. Its long, cylindrical body is covered in shimmering scales of deep jade green, symbolizing vitality, prosperity, and harmony. Intricate patterns resembling ancient Chinese calligraphy adorn its scales, representing the creature's connection to wisdom and knowledge.

The creature's head is adorned with ornate, dragon-like features. It has a pair of piercing golden eyes, which exude a sense of wisdom and depth. Long Mu's mouth, lined with rows of razor-sharp teeth, serves as both a means of defense and a tool for consuming its prey.

Along the creature's body, vibrant, swirling patterns in hues of red and gold represent good fortune, strength, and luck. These patterns are reminiscent of traditional Chinese silk tapestries, further emphasizing its connection to Chinese culture.

Long Mu possesses the ability to burrow effortlessly through the earth, leaving behind a trail of fertile soil in its wake. It is believed that wherever Long Mu passes, new life and prosperity follow, making it a revered creature in Chinese folklore.

The creature's behavior is often associated with protection and balance. Long Mu is known to inhabit areas with rich natural resources, acting as a guardian of the land and its inhabitants. It is said to protect sacred sites, ancient treasures, and the harmony of the earth.

Long Mu is also associated with the power of transformation and rebirth. It sheds its skin periodically, symbolizing renewal and growth. This act serves as a reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the importance of embracing change.

Encountering Long Mu is considered a rare and auspicious event. It is believed that encountering this majestic creature brings good luck, prosperity, and a deep connection to the natural world. The presence of Long Mu serves as a reminder of the harmonious relationship between humans and nature in Chinese culture.
Prompt: I want a print with soft pastel colors of green that flow like water or marble soft flows
Like matcha with milk
Prompt: Wavy Bright Purple on Lime Backdrop with Blue Glow
Prompt: water destroying everything in its place abstract art
Prompt: Create an abstract image representing the potential of renewable energy sources. Use swirling greens, yellows, and blues to embody the energy derived from wind, solar, and water.
Prompt: Yellow Toxic Swirls Splashing onto Black and Yellow Background (WOB) 1.249
Prompt: Divine exotic surreal abstract orgasmic galactic Alientexture
Prompt: Floyd leech with. Fluorene leechi messinng around
Prompt: Cartier green and bone white flow wavy lines
Prompt:  I'd give all the fires in the sun. Abstract blue and green
Prompt: Trippy abstract purple love