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small dwarf highland bull in the inner city.
small dwarf highland bull in the inner city. [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 40
Sampler: Seed: 342808281

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Prompt: psychedelic melting, concert poster, trick of the eye painting, highland cow with a moehawk
Prompt: Highland cow eating a hamburger
Prompt: a woman has thin cow hair growing on her face and body, her nose is shaped like a cow's nose. thin cow hairs rarely grew all over her face. Her face is still human face, her ears also normal human ears.
Prompt: Whimsical and adorable fluffy highland calf, Scottish highlands background, Scottish theme, art by James Christensen, prompt by McKay, super cute, soft shaggy fur, collage, mixed media, majestic, ornate, hyper detailed face and eyes, cute reflective eyes, gold leaf, mother of pearl,  intricate, 3D, fabulous, fantastical, magical, masterpiece painting, hyper detailed, captivating, enchanting, scattered light, composed using the golden ratio, award winning, perfect composition, ultra hd, highly detailed, lighting by Vladimir Volegov and Steve Hanks
Prompt: small dwarf highland bull in the inner city.
Prompt: Tuffle Cow that is highly advanced technological cow with vivid fur color and high tech weapons, masterpiece, best quality
Prompt: The Potential Crypto Bull Market 2024 And Asia's Role