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Its Bella

Its Bella


A girl wandering around in a big city, 4k, cyberpunk, rain, sci fi
A girl wandering around in a big city, 4k, cybe... [more]
Model: Lykon/DreamShaper
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 900361391
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Prompt: Lonely male cyberpunk, rainy weather, walking away from view.
Prompt: a cold girl walking in the rain at night on a street with no one passing by, highly detailed, half body, soft lighting, ultra realistic, 8K, digital art, unreal engine 5, odd eyes
Prompt: unreal engine, hyper detailed girl, full body,  chinese woman mid 20, standing in the rain, neon signs background, big city by night, raining, short black hair, cell shading, semi-monochrome, girl wearing chinese dress, 1 lean skinny beautiful girl anime, beautiful detailed hair, big green eyes, 2D illustration, professional work, (masterpiece), (anime style),  centered, shot from below, 8k resolution, deviantart masterpiece, oil painting, heavy strokes, paint dripping, splash arts, ultra details, splash style of dark fractal paint, contour, hyperdetailed intricately detailed , fantastical, intricate detail, splash screen, ultra details
Prompt: Create an image of a woman dancing in the rain on a quiet, deserted street. She is walking away from the viewer, but still close enough to be seen in detail. The street is filled with puddles from the rain, and the neon lights from surrounding buildings reflect in them. The woman is not carrying an umbrella and seems to be enjoying the rain, as evidenced by her lively dance. Her clothing is clinging to her body from the rain, and her hair is damp and falling down her back. Despite the rain, the overall atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a sense of freedom and joy in the woman's movement
She is dressing bikini
Prompt: An anime girl with an umbrella on the foreground. She is drawing with pencil and in black and white.
On the background a Cyberpunk city with a lots of neon lights.
Two different styles for girl and City.
Girl is a pencil draw in black and white. City is ultra realistic
Prompt: anime girl standing on a wet street in the heavy rain, splash art anime loli, anime atmospheric, anime scenary, anime girl walking on water, anime lanscape, anime painting, art of wlop, street background, clean detailed anime art, anime vfx, anime. soft lighting, anime scenary concept art, clean anime art, roof background, city background