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a <mymodel> style character
a <mymodel> style character [more]
Model: e74dfcae-a15d-45be-9eb6-36be90f21b3b
Width: 1024Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 40

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Prompt: A gem full of glowing blood <mymodel> artstyle
Prompt: Detailed DnD fantasy art of a heroic female dnd yuan-ti cleric, traditional detailed painting,  intricate black in Darkblue purple gown detailed black in black belts, dramatic lighting, vibrant colors, high quality, game-rpg style, epic fantasy, traditional art,  detailed dark leather armor, dramatic lighting, heroic cleric, vibrant colors, high quality details,
Prompt: In the heart of an ancient forest, where sunlight filters through a canopy of emerald leaves, stands Elara, the enigmatic guardian of the woodland realm. She is a figure of striking beauty and formidable presence, a blend of natural grace and mystical power.

Elara's hair is a cascade of silvery moonlight, flowing down her back in shimmering waves that seem to capture the essence of the night sky. Her eyes, a mesmerizing shade of violet, hold a deep and ancient wisdom, reflecting the countless seasons she has witnessed. Her skin, pale and flawless, has an ethereal glow, as if kissed by the stars themselves.

Her attire is woven from the finest materials of the forest, a gown of emerald leaves and delicate spider silk, adorned with glistening dew drops that sparkle like diamonds. Around her neck hangs a pendant of pure crystal, said to contain the essence of the forest's magic.

Elara's presence is serene and commanding, her every movement a testament to the harmony and strength she embodies. She carries a staff, intricately carved from ancient wood and topped with a glowing crystal orb. This staff is not just a symbol of her authority but a conduit for her incredible powers.

With a mere thought, Elara can summon the forces of nature to her aid. The trees respond to her call, their roots and branches moving to protect or ensnare. The winds carry her whispers, and the waters bend to her will. Her magic is deeply connected to the natural world, a reflection of her role as its protector and steward.

Despite her power, Elara is a figure of compassion and wisdom. She seeks to maintain balance and harmony within the forest, guiding both creatures and travelers who enter her domain. Her kindness is matched only by her resolve to defend her home against any threat, be it man or monster.

Elara, the guardian of the woodland realm, is a beacon of nature's majesty and mystery. Her story is one of timeless beauty, ancient magic, and unwavering dedication to the preservation of the natural world.
Prompt: Warm colors, 3D, HD, oil painting, D&D fantasy, create an intricately detailed, full body. hobbit girl with brown skin, (tiny mature body), hexblade warlock, swirling magical lights, wearing purple robes, glasses,
Prompt: {{SIXMOREVODKA}}, digital art, fantasy, featured on artstation, dwarfvish girl, {dwarven woman}, wielding a {mace}, {white robes} with heels, black hair in a long braid
Prompt: create photograph of beautiful female ninja who is wearing bright blue futuristic ninja robes,  night time and beautiful sky  space and planets an nebulae in sky highly detailed, detailed face, extremely detailed environment, extremely detailed background, extremely detailed skin, extremely detailed clothing, natural colors , professionally color graded, photorealism, 8k, realistic, moody lighting, galactic environment, volumetric lighting
Prompt: a <mymodel> style character