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Michael Browning

Michael Browning


Snow Leopard, BAS Relief, high contrast, highly detailed, intricate shading, breathtaking details, grayscale, very high contrast, 4k, three dimensional
Snow Leopard, BAS Relief, high contrast, highl... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 227077245
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Prompt: Black Jaguar ultrareal portrait
Prompt: realistic animals light grey scale picture for colouring in
Prompt: Create a dazzling image of a Kashmiri Snow Leopard in Unreal Engine 5, HDR, Octane 3D, UHD 256K, CryEngine, fit in frame, centered, highest quality of details, digital art masterpiece, perfect composition, clarity, harmony, hierarchy, proportions, order, anatomically correct {body, head, face, ears and limbs}, highly detailed facial features {muzzle, chin, jaws, dentition}, highly detailed symmetric eyes {iris, eyeball, pupil, lens and cornea}, intricately detailed background of beautiful Himalaya Mountains and dazzling Dal Lake of Sri Nagar.
Prompt: Wisteria-Eyed Snow Leopard Against Solid Black Background: Visualize a stunning animal portrait for a computer wallpaper featuring a majestic snow leopard with piercing wisteria-colored eyes, set against a solid black background. This ultra-high-resolution image captures every intricate detail of the leopard's fur, whiskers, and striking eyes. The camera, resembling a Canon EOS-1D X Mark III with a 400mm telephoto lens, is perfect for wildlife photography, allowing for a sharp focus on the leopard against the stark black backdrop. The photography technique combines wildlife portraiture with high contrast, emphasizing the snow leopard's features. The style is bold and impactful, focusing on the intensity of the animal's gaze. The composition centers on the snow leopard's face, with the wisteria-colored eyes creating a mesmerizing focal point against the deep black background
Prompt: A vicious jaguar closeup, detailed texture and details. macro lens, product photography
Prompt: A  clouded leopard, professional film photography, highly detailed, style of Ansel Adams, national geographic,
Prompt: beautiful snow leopard, staring into camera, snow landscape, 4k
Prompt: Create a dazzling image of a Kashmiri Snow Leopard in UHD engine 5, HDR, 3D octane, 256K, fit in frame, anatomically correct body, head and limbs, high-detailed face, muzzle, chin, ears, canines and incisives, highly detailed symmetric eyes, iris and ocular globe, super detailed background of beautiful Himalaya Mountains and awesome Dal Lake of Sri Nagar, f8 lens 85mm, Canon, reflective, focus sharp, art studio, balance, clarity, harmony.