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Les Secrets delabible

Les Secrets delabible

Width: 1024Height: 576

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Prompt: Generate a cartoon-style image of a modern, high-tech office space, empty of characters, with the following attributes:

Style: Cartoon akin to "King of the Hill," with clear lines and simple yet vibrant color schemes.
Office Furniture: Ergonomic and sleek, with exaggerated cartoon proportions. Include desks, swivel chairs, and filing cabinets.
Technology: Large, wall-mounted flat-panel computer screens showcasing dynamic digital graphs. Include high-tech gadgets like a 3D printer and an advanced coffee machine.
Windows: Large, allowing ample natural light, with a backdrop of a stylized cartoon cityscape.
Details: Interactive whiteboards, digital clocks, ambient lighting fixtures, and minimalist decor.
Perspective: An angle that provides a wide view of the office interior, highlighting the layout and tech elements.
Prompt: Sveg
Prompt: futuristic office  interior
Prompt: Create a politician head office  with 3 office table in a hand sketch art
Prompt: sketch of close up of home office desk covered in pool construction plans
Prompt: Office of the Director