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rida sidi ben ali

rida sidi ben ali


Rida sidi ben ali
Rida sidi ben ali [more]
Model: DALLĀ·E 3
Width: 1124Height: 1681

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Prompt: Eating food
Prompt: 1 young girl and 2 guys eating at a table, everybody has his plate with pasta, and there is a wok steel pan in the middle of the table, it's cosy evening, golden hour, everybody is enjoying the moment, real life full hd
Prompt: focus on a restaurant table with a table cloth in Italian colours. On the table there is a dish with spaghetti bolognese and a coke can. Hands with cutlery cutting the food. Create image suitable for phone portrait view.
Prompt: Rida sidi ben ali
Prompt: Human with 5 chromosomes, eating noodles in the forest
Prompt: Eating
Prompt: Rida sidi ben ali