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Brett Reed

Brett Reed


"SQLAI™", database automation , objective abstraction, redshift, computer graphics
"SQLAI™", database automation , objective abstraction, redshift, computer graphics [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 221284107

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Prompt: Project logo about lidar engineering
Prompt: Vibrant stock chart. Moving up and down. Where is it gonna go? Red and green arrows. Sensational 

 {{{{highest quality concept art masterpiece in the style of Kayawoo }}}, night setting,  digital drawing oil painting, 128k UHD HDR, Holographic background, hyperrealistic intricate, graphic comic (HDR, UHD, 64k, best quality, RAW photograph, best quality, masterpiece:1.5,Ultra realistic high definition .  {{{{highest quality concept art masterpiece}}}} digital drawing oil painting, 128k UHD HDR, hyperrealistic intricate. Unreal engine 5
Prompt: the singularity
Prompt: fondo de pantalla inspirado en la tecnologia del futuro, especificamente en la seguridad
Prompt: Futuristic data visualization with 'VISION 2025' at the center, vibrant yellow backdrop, hi-tech digital interface, holographic visualizations, 4K ultra-detailed, futuristic, digital art, vibrant yellow, hi-tech, holographic, data visualization, futuristic design, advanced technology, professional, vibrant lighting
Prompt: A.I. Perspective of the world
(as seen through a.i. lense)
Prompt: Open portal into A.I. Dimension.
Prompt: Un sol estilizado, con rayos que sugieren tanto la luz del sol como las señales digitales. Los rayos pueden tener un diseño geométrico, evocando circuitos o redes. Utiliza una paleta de colores cálidos como dorado o amarillo para el sol, combinado con colores tecnológicos como azul oscuro o un color oscuro para el texto. Fuente sans-serif moderna y limpia para el nombre "Inti Digital". Considera una fuente que transmita profesionalismo y tecnología, como Roboto o Open Sans..