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Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen [more]
Model: Arcane Diffusion
Width: 768Height: 768
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 729284273

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Prompt: Charlie Sheen
Prompt: 27 years old, male, short black hair, brown eyes, pale skin tone, Italian ethnicity,  realistic anatomy, 3 quarter portrait
Prompt: He had a crooked cat who had a crooked mouse
Prompt: Face
Prompt: fortnite jonesy Ultra HD UHD  2K 4K 8K 12K 16K 32K 64K Photorealistic Photorealism
Prompt: mALE HALFLING hunter, TANNED SKIN, BRIGHT BLUE EYES, side shaved bright red hair
Prompt: intricate hyperdetailed close up portrait of 1 man vintage walking on the old dark street valley, at night, hyperdetailed complex, muscular body, hyperdetailed intricate short hair, stray hairs, hyperdetailed complex, degas style painting,

looking from front, character concept,

masterpiece hyperdetailed degas style painting hyperdetailed vintage luxury texture black long leather coat,

mystery environment, interactive exhibits, Degas Style Painting, fantasy environment, 1800s environment,

at night, very dark, dark sky, heavy rain, dark environment, hyperdetailed red moon, hyperdetailed glowing glamour street light, glowing glamour light, studio lighting, cinematic light, highly detailed glamour light reflection, iridescent light reflection, hyper detailed strong shading, cozy, fog, glamour,

impressionist painting,

volumetric lighting maximalist photo illustration 64k, resolution high res intricately detailed complex,

Alphonse Mucha, Andy Warhol, hyperdetailed digital painting, hyperdetailed digital art, Modern Art, Pop Art, detailed sharp focus, hyperdetailed brush strokes, realistic art, clean art, professional, colorful, rich deep color, concept art, UHD, HDR, 64K, RPG, UHD render, HDR render, 3D render cinema 4D,
Prompt: rich little blue alien
Prompt: Closeup of the eyes of a sad man, pretending to be happy, melancholic, sharp, acrylic
Prompt: Cartoon style, bearded dwarf, black haired, double bladed axe, helmet
Prompt: male elf, red hair, left eye scar, full body
Prompt: Closeup face portrait of a {Willem DaFoe}, smooth soft skin, big dreamy eyes, beautiful intricate colored hair, symmetrical, anime wide eyes, soft lighting, detailed face, by makoto shinkai, stanley artgerm lau, wlop, rossdraws, concept art, digital painting, looking into camera
Prompt: neon bubble dragon headshot
Prompt: Male short side swept black hair with purple highlights covering his right eye, full body
Prompt: Paint me a picture of a handsome and brave warrior. Make his hair medium length and blonde. His skin is tan. His body is made of muscle and he is tall. He is in his late twenties. Make the background filled with ancient buildings with tons of flowers and a river flowing. Make him look as if he is fae/fairy-like. He has long-ish ears and his face is very toned. He has a tiny bit of face hair and is very handsome. Make it look realistic
Prompt: Cartoon style, bearded dwarf, black haired, double bladed axe, helmet
Prompt: handsome man, monster, demon, fire, purple, snake, neon green, black, vampire teeth, vampire, soldier, elf, magic, gangster, green eyes, strong and body, neon green and purple hair, hood, monster wings, king, qui, aura, powerful, cape, scythe, sword, goat, armour, cool, 20 years old, vampire teeth, mask
Prompt: Create a fantasy art featuring an androgynous male teenage character. they should be taller than average, with an aerodynamic build and no facial hair. Their skin must be goblin-like green, and their hair should be black. They should have glowing orange irises and a sharp-toothed grin. On their shoulder, there should be a scar in the shape of a dragon. They are styled as a dark-toned, earth-themed stealth Rogue, wielding 'Whisper,' the dagger from Critical Role. Place them in a fantasy forest background, capturing the essence of a darker, earth-themed D&D world. a drawing of a person with red eyes, a character portrait by Nína Tryggvadóttir, trending on DeviantArt, fantasy art, artstation  a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground, a character portrait by Okumura Togyu,
Prompt: Anime male (Red side-swept hair covering his right eye) muscular, UHD, 8K, Highly detailed, insane detail, best quality, high quality.
Prompt: dungeons and dragons halfling monk portrait
Prompt: Hot guy, muscular, curly hair, brown eyes, brown hair with highlights, tan skin color
Prompt: wealthy little blue alien
Prompt: Arcane
Prompt: mALE HALFLING hunter, TANNED SKIN, BRIGHT BLUE EYES, side shaved bright red hair