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Zoroastrian goddess
Zoroastrian goddess [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 695374378
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Prompt: indian  ,symmetrical face, accurate anatomy, sharp focus, ultra-fine details, cinematic lighting, 4k | oil painting illustration, digital painting, scenic, wlop, artgerm, vastly ornate detailed background, vibrant colors
Prompt: Anahita is the Old Persian form of the name of an Iranian goddess and appears in complete and earlier form as Aredvi Sura Anahita, the Avestan name of an Indo-Iranian cosmological figure venerated as the divinity of "the Waters" (Aban) and hence associated with fertility, healing and wisdom. The symbol of goddess Anahita is the Lotus flower. Lotus Festival is an Iranian festival that is held on the sixth day of July. Holding this festival at this time was probably based on the blooming of lotus flowers at the beginning of summer.
Prompt: Akasha, the queen of the damned
Prompt: Cleopatra, cinematic light,  fantasy
Prompt: Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, otherworldly toned muscular Yuan-Ti martial artist goddess with long braided hair wearing a body chain and ancient Hindu clothing, full body, centered, fantasy setting, character concept, cinematic, colorful background, concept art, dramatic lighting, highly detailed, hyper realistic, intricate sharp details, octane render, smooth, studio lighting, trending on art station, 8k, HDR, unreal engine, emotive, cgi, animated, character art, iridescent, metallic
Prompt: Photorealistic,  looking down, compassionate, hindu goddess Laxmi, art nouveau, intricate indian flower designs, black hair, elegant, highly detailed, sharp focus, art by chie yoshii
Prompt: Lord Parvati, hyper detailed perfect face, divine cosmic, perfect eyes, beautiful, full body,, perfect body, high-resolution perfect face, perfect proportions, intricate hyperdetailed hair, nomakeup  , realistic painting, highly detailed, intricate hyperdetailed shining eyes, ethereal, graceful, HDR, UHD, high res, 64k, cinematic lighting, special effects,
Prompt: Luck is what you make it. 13 Devine feminine
Prompt: In love with the goddess of love
Prompt: goddess of twilight, photorealism
Prompt: Photorealistic,  hindu goddess Laxmi, art nouveau, intricate indian flower designs, black hair, elegant, highly detailed, sharp focus, art by chie yoshii
Prompt: Cleopatra, cinematic light,  fantasy
Prompt: An astonishingly beautiful Sumerian woman captivates all who behold her with her timeless allure and grace. She possesses a regal and ethereal charm that harkens back to the ancient civilization she represents.

Her smooth, bronzed complexion reflects the rich heritage and warmth of the Sumerian lands. Delicately arched eyebrows frame her mesmerizing eyes, which gleam like precious gems. Deep and mysterious, her eyes seem to hold secrets and wisdom passed down through generations.

Her features are exquisitely sculpted, showcasing harmonious proportions and symmetrical beauty. A straight nose adds to her refined countenance, while her elegantly curved lips bear a soft, natural hue that invites admiration.

Crowning her captivating face is a crown of lustrous, dark hair that cascades down in gentle waves, echoing the flowing rivers of ancient Mesopotamia. Intricate braids and adorned hair accessories further accentuate her Sumerian heritage, displaying a sophisticated and artistic flair.

Draped in sumptuous, flowing garments inspired by Sumerian fashion, she epitomizes elegance and grace. Vibrant colors and intricate patterns adorn her attire, reflecting the sophisticated textile craftsmanship of the time. Adornments of gold and precious jewels shimmer against her garments, highlighting her status and enhancing her natural radiance.

As she moves with a gentle sway, her movements are graceful and refined, reminiscent of the royal women depicted in ancient Sumerian artwork. Her presence exudes confidence and grace, as she embodies the epitome of beauty within the Sumerian civilization.

This astonishingly beautiful Sumerian woman not only captures the imagination with her outward appearance but also evokes a sense of wonder and admiration for the ancient civilization she represents. Her beauty serves as a reminder of the timeless allure and splendor of the Sumerian culture.
Prompt: **a portrait of a woman fully body symmetrical, geisha, coralpunk, by Natalie Shau --ar 2:3
Prompt: Ishtar, a goddess of love with multiple aspects, assumes three significant manifestations. She embodies the divine essence of love, sexuality, and consequently, fertility. Although she holds the responsibility for all life, she does not personify the archetype of a Mother goddess. In her role as the goddess of war, she is frequently depicted with wings and weapons in her hands.

The photograph captures intricate details of the subject's white skin, creating a realistic and photo-realistic representation. The image quality reaches an impressive 8k resolution, showcasing highly detailed aspects throughout the full-length frame. Additionally, the photograph is characterized by its RAW color art, which exhibits rich and vibrant colors. The lighting technique used employs a combination of piercing and diffused soft lighting, resulting in a cinematic effect. The shallow depth of field adds to the overall composition, with a sharp focus on the subject. The combination of these elements contributes to a sense of hyperrealism, further enhanced by the skillful application of cinematic lighting.
Prompt: This creature is called The Duality. It appears like a attractive female human and is wearing a long 
dress but there is nothing human like about it. It has two personalities, Light and Dark. You see, the creature has a form of bipolar disorder. Depending on when you approach it the thing will either bless you or curse you. You can tell whether it is Light or Đark by the eyes
Prompt: goddess, high priestess, dominant, gothic, girlfriend, oil painting, hd, 8k, very detailed, hyper realistic
Prompt: Tanned Gothic Persian queen
Prompt: Breathtakingly detailed Image of Charlie Dio the god of death. Colorful & striking image. Aesthetically Brilliant. Everything is perfectly to scale. Award winning.
Prompt: beautiful and playful ginger hindu dancer, art nouveau, fantasy, intricate indian flower designs, elegant, highly detailed, sharp focus, art by chie yoshii
Prompt: Symmetrical + ((rihanna)) + middle close up + lace + occult + goddess of death + hindu + kali + skulls + dark magical symbolism + high detail + hyperdetailed + elegant + intricate+ frightening + a painting of a goddess of death with black magic ritual sari, concept art by Li Fangying, polycount contest winner, fantasy art, concept art, artstation hd, polycount
Prompt: Goddess of love and light beautiful,  8k hyperdetailed photorealistic
Prompt: The traditional representation of Kalki includes a majestic figure with a radiant aura, often dressed in royal attire, and carrying divine attributes. In some depictions, he is shown as a young, powerful, and heroic figure, symbolizing his role as a savior and deliverer of the world