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<mymodel>, Glitch-Art style, Video glitching,
<mymodel>, Glitch-Art style, Video glitching, [more]
Model: 849a809f-3fa8-4c4c-8560-14dc05767a56
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 40
Seed: 577727232

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Prompt: <mymodel>award winning digital illustration, epic masterpiece, surreal dream-like atmosphere, vaporwave style, glitchwave themed, psychedelia, serene astral background, half humanoid half female cyborg, porcelain white skin with transparent sections that are transparent revelling mechanical insides, solid black eyes, flowing vantablack hair, with neon greens, blues, and hot pink, floating above a technological city
Prompt: <mymodel>A hyperrealistic digital painting that portrays a close-up of a female face with a melting effect. The features of the face are detailed and accentuated with makeup, creating a contrast with the surreal melting. The melting appears as a blend of vivid colors such as reds, pinks, whites, and yellows, giving the impression of mixed paints or viscous fluids flowing down the face. The eyes and mouth are open, adding a dynamic and almost shocking element to the image. The artwork explores the themes of beauty and transformation, with the flowing colors creating intricate patterns that are both beautiful and unsettling."
Prompt: <mymodel>, glitch art, video glitching,
Prompt: A surreal digital art piece depicts a close-up of a woman's face, fragmented and intertwined with fluid metallic silver shapes. Her makeup is dramatic: deep, glossy black lips and intense smokey eyes. The background alternates between striking shades of teal and coral, with slender vertical lines accentuating the division.
Prompt: a woman with beautiful pink hair is animated by a robot, in the style of security camera art, dan mumford, album covers, colorful, made of liquid metal, vibrant color scheme, colorful, eye-catching compositions
Prompt: <mymodel>, a woman with headphones on.
Prompt: <mymodel>, Glitch-Art style, Video glitching, jumping high
Prompt: full body of european woman cyborg, upper body, head, eccentric, flashy, digitalart, digitalphotographic, futuristic, glossy, caucasian, sleek, vivid colors, transhumanism, posthuman, based on beautiful woman, picture is taken from chest up, woman brain is being cyborgized, woman is watching front to, woman face has no stain and wreckles, woman has majestic look, woman head have a lot of circuits, colorful, robot eyes are open, mouth is closed, extremly nice figure, good-looking cyborg, robot portrait is taken with a narrowed exposure, robot head have a lot of cables and wires, robot head have intricate structure, various colors is being painted, neon, cyberpunk, shoot on a 50mm lens, background is simple, 16k, highly-detailed, super-high resolution, super realistic, super ultra high contrast, whitebalance is 5000, --ar 9:16 --stylize 1000
Prompt: <mymodel>, glitch art, video glitching,