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checkerboard vector madness
checkerboard vector madness [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816
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Prompt: Zodiac Leo landscape in the style of Futurism, The Jetsons Aesthetic
Prompt: Illustration in style of Moebius, Jean Giraud, a space battle between multiple bird-like starships with an orange gas giant and starry landscape in the background to the right, as seen from space
Prompt: Imagine a digital landscape illuminated by neon glow, dotted with classic game sprites. The ground is made of pixel art patterns using a retro color palette. Floating power-ups shimmer in the distance. Retro fonts spell out 'Game Over' in the sky, reminiscent of a bygone arcade era. In the foreground, classic enemies await, cast in shades of retro futurism
Prompt: Retro futurist floating sky city
Prompt: landscape on a surreal planet, digital art
Prompt: Illustration of 3D objects emerging from a pixelated background in a wide format.
Prompt: {epic sci-fi scene} Science fiction, psychological horror, surreal horror, retrofuturism, space opera. Fluid linework, ultra-fine black linework, flat colour, colour blends, flat shading, intricate detailing, dramatic visual story telling, perspective mastery, perspective atmosphere, dramatic composition, expressive characters, emotional resonance, dark colouring, vibrant colouring, harmonious colour scheme, colour discordance, grainy colour.
Prompt: Abstract image of the universe broken up into different dimensions different pictures so every different dimension has different pictures like of a city or a meadow with animals or different shapes and colors but hidden messages in the painting like a word search for the word COCKTAIL OR SOMETHING LIKE THE REST OF MY MIND. Abstract and  realistic, detailed, drawings, caveman, broken up detailed neutral colors not so vibrant a ocean with sea creatures
Prompt: checkerboard vector madness, surreal