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Robot winking at camera
Robot winking at camera [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 2082670655
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Prompt: Ai robot
Prompt: Younger,Dressed like a very young Robotic Pleiadian Nordic blonde from the Galactic Federation of Light, wearing silver blue lipstick,high resolution, 3D render, style of cyberpunk, arcade background
Prompt: Dreams made from ones and zeroes, only robots can see them
Prompt: A photographic session of the face of a robot containing simple details, somewhat frightening, with luminous eyes, black and white in color, made of plastic and aluminum with uncomplicated details, showing from the side the shape of its simple mechanical brain and its electronic circuits.
Prompt: Ai
Prompt: A face of robot no eyes. It is made of plastic. Its color is white, The picture is sideways with a single-color background
Prompt: robocalypsis human cyborg
Prompt: I want an AI robot that has some illumination around her head. The blackground needs to be solid black. It had to be suitable for cover art for a minimal techno track. I want her to stare directly at the camera.
Prompt: 3D render of a luminous robotic entity, illuminated in a gentle radiance, positioned against a canvas of levitating geometric forms in muted lavender and tangerine hues. The automaton, distinguished by its expansive, emotive eyes and detailed mechanical components, emanates feelings of awe and inquisitiveness.
Prompt: A sleek white robotic figure crouches, its design polished and streamlined. The robot's large amber-hued eyes, filled with intricate circuitry, radiate an intense gaze. Luminescent blue accents punctuate its body, standing out against a futuristic industrial backdrop.
Prompt: ai robot intelligent
Prompt: Make me a face of robot and have a name ( Bilal Almawla ) added as a sign of the factory in which this robot was produced
Prompt: Sexy, feminine, chrome robot, UHD, Hyper realistic, 8K, Photo, H. R. Giger landscape background, cyborg, female, attractive, Hajime Sorayama style robot woman, monochrome,
Prompt: Robots romantically
Prompt: robotic realistic
Prompt: Portrait of an intelligent robot with a cute face, perfect composition, realistic, detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, sharp focus, studio photo
Prompt: A robotic girl talking to me say me for love and I say I love you
Prompt: Across a wide canvas, a robot with a polished white finish assumes a crouching pose. Its eyes, glowing with an amber hue and filled with elaborate electronic designs, exude intensity. Vibrant blue lights accent its structure, contrasting beautifully with a backdrop that evokes a world of future technology.
Prompt: Funny cute robot , hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, sharp focus, intricate details, highly detailed, 3D hyperrealistic, sharp detail, masterpieces, realistic, photo-realistic, 8k, highly detailed, full length frame, High detail RAW color art, diffused soft lighting, shallow depth of field,hyperrealism, cinematic lighting, centered composition
Prompt: A human body attached with a robot in clean environment
Prompt: Human
Prompt: A face of robot no eyes. Its shape is simple. It is made of plastic. Its color is white, red, and yellow. The place of the brain is empty and transparent. The picture is sideways with a single-color background
Cgi vfx