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Abstract seascape by Zoltan muladi
Abstract seascape by Zoltan muladi [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 858149798
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Prompt: Colourful moody Skies and clouds over a vast valley like an oil painting
Prompt: Cresent island in the sea surrounded by a storm
Prompt: sunset, sea, oil paint
Prompt: Approaching tornado in the sea with fish
Prompt: Acrylic and Oil Paints, Soft Colors, Muted Tones, Peaceful, Awe-Inspiring Dream-like, Otherworldly, Reflective Elements, Shimmering, Holographic, Ethereal Reflections, Surreal Landscapes, Mystical Creatures, Abstract Patterns, Wonder, sgraffito Layers, Silver Leaf, Metallic Paint, Palette Knife, Depth, Movement, Transcendence
Prompt: a composition with soft colors sky
Prompt: Create a stunning design of a beach scene that explores the depths of the human mind and emotions. Visualize thoughts, dreams, and consciousness through an abstract representation, employing vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Capture the essence of tranquility, introspection, and the ethereal nature of the mind within the setting of a captivating beachIncorporate a rich palette of vibrant hues, such as blues, purples, and teals, to evoke a sense of calmness, serenity, and imagination. Consider adding contrasting accents to symbolize the complexities of emotions and thoughts.
Prompt: Untitled Creation in Gouache Style, Watercolor, Museum Epic Impressionist Maximalist Masterpiece, Thick Brush Strokes, Impasto Gouache, thick layers of gouache watercolors textured on Canvas, 8k Resolution, Matte Painting oil painting by James Gurney Abstract World
Prompt: painting 1001
Prompt: Impressionism minimal oil painting big brush strokes  of a man standing on the edge of a cliff blue grey
Prompt: an orange and yellow triangles on a stormy sea close and on a far horizon
Prompt: Sober. Detailed. Hazy. Eerie warm colours. Oil on wood. Fred bervoets
Prompt: Bring more warmth and depth to this painting.
Prompt: Breathtaking realistic painting of an Island in a thunderstorm, reflections in ocean, rain
Prompt: Ocean with clouds above painted in Pixar style
Prompt: bob ross style painting, waves crashing on the beach at sunset
Prompt: ocean
Prompt: stars falling, dark sky, over the sea, cresting waves, cinema, nebula, and stars in the background on horizon. Beautiful painting,8k, planets glowing in sunset, landscape
Prompt: oil daubs, umber and rust in the center, turning to deep browns and blacks at the edges, with a swirling chaotic mist overlay
Prompt: Abstract art of the sea
Prompt: a dramatic ocean view with crashing waves and stormy skies, in the style of precisionism, pencil drawing, bokeh, sun lighting, fujifilm xt3, art by alphonse mucha, golden hour
Prompt: A big storm painting
Prompt: Cresent island in the sea surrounded by a storm