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Width: 576Height: 512
Seed: 1113973288
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Prompt: A green glow dragon / human women with glowing green horns are you glowing green eyes and glowing green dragon wings using  toxic weight
Prompt: She has a long, distinctive neon-green and black ponytail that comes out from behind her hood, and her bangs are dyed pink
Prompt: Sagittarius as a female human, 8k, UHD,  highly detailed, close up, green and blue eyes
Prompt: incredibly detailed picture of a Chinese girl with short green hair with a wind element flying in the air
Prompt: elf warrior orbe of x ray girl magic ring red
Prompt: one piece zoro as a girl
Prompt: She has a long, distinctive neon-green that fades to neon-blue hair in a ponytail, heterochromia eyes, wearing a western brown bounty hunter uniform, with a gun in her hand