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night, nightclub, empty sofa, cyberpunk
night, nightclub, empty sofa, cyberpunk [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 866879289
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Prompt: an bedroom ultra-futurist design color holographic background cyberpunk town
Prompt: wallpaper futuristic club in tokyo city, octane render, 8k , uhd
Prompt: Abstract cyberpunk city, pink style, at night, rainy, streetlamp, 8k, trending on artstation
Prompt: Una città Cyberpunk sullo sfondo con molte luci al neon.
In primo piano c'è una ragazza disegnata con uno stile anime.
La ragazza è disegnata a matita e in bianco e nero.
Prompt: An inside view of the USS Enterprise Spaceship, hyper-detailed {ultra-detailed: ((the main digital interface of command)), 
(the control panel device), 
(the boardscreen), (LED units), ((high tech equipment)), (engine station), (high tech design 3D, 4D)}
Unreal Engine 5, Octane 3D HDR, Behance 4D Cinema, CryEngine, Ultra HD 1024K, Unreal lighting, 
flawless shapes and lines, perfect image composition, hyperrealistic, wide-angle View, volumetric triadic chromatic, futuristic style, Sci-Fi design, digital art masterpiece, award winning image composition, harmony, clarity, order, proportions, symmetry, axis, rhythm.
Prompt: Cyber punk Neon City at night long shot Neon,  highly detailed, wide-angle lens, hyper realistic, vivid colors, everything in sharp focus, HDR, UHD, 64K
Prompt: led lights cyberpunk at night with translucent devices background 4k unreal engine
Prompt: led lights cyberpunk at night with translucent devices background 4k unreal engine
Prompt: As you enter the room, a wave of neon colors and trippy patterns washes over you. The acidwave aesthetic is in full force here, with walls covered in bold, abstract designs and flickering fluorescent lights casting everything in a surreal glow. The music is a heady mix of glitchy beats and distorted vocals, pulling you further into the dreamlike atmosphere. It's like stepping into a hallucination, where nothing is quite as it seems and reality is a fluid, ever-shifting thing. In this acidwave world, anything is possible and everything is a little bit warped.
Prompt: night, spaceship curved interior complicated cockpit, window view of void, thick carpet,  futuristic, chillwave, cinematic lighting, photorealistic, ultra detailed
Prompt: digital painting, miltary Jesus, muted exotic night club, space background, hyperdetailed, ultra-realistic, cinematic lighting, unreal engine 5, octane render
Prompt: An inside view of the Time-travelling Machinery,  hyper-detailed {ultra-detailed: (main digital interface of command), (the control panel device), (the engine room station),(Crystal Spheres network section), (airlock station), (Date/Time display devices), (high tech equipment), high tech design 3D, 4D} futuristic style, Sci-Fi high-end image, digital art composition, Instagram contest winning award, professional photography, Behance 4D Cinema, accuracy of details, space order, proportions, clarity, harmony, focus sharp, sleek, moody lighting, Behance 4D Cinema, CryEngine, Unreal Engine 5, Octane 3D HDR, Ultra HD 1024K.
Prompt: Wide shot of a dark cyberpunk and minimalist looking underground chamber, where there is a laying chair (like the chairs used at the dentist clinic) at the center of the room, and Virtual Reality headset hanging from the ceiling. The place has retro computer devices and cyberpunk style objects, and it's lightened by few neon lights.
Prompt: futuristic, night, small industrial empty interior, chillwave, tropical island, ultra detailed, cinematic lighting, photorealistic, realistic details, wide view
Prompt: neon dojo, city, techno, synthwave
Prompt: A cyber punk city in the year 3000
Prompt: vaporwave city, neon lighting, beautiful sunset, palm trees, Retro, high quality, 4k, cold colors
Prompt: Secret cyberpunk anime purple portal
Prompt: a gaming genius billionare wearing hoodie & headphones, his room has holograms, in the background through the glass the city scape has futuristic skycrapers underwater . gaming setup. arcade. lamborghini veneno
Prompt: futuristic samural.standing on the roof,in Neon Night City Tokyo,cyberpunk 2047,
Prompt: cyberpunk city aesthetic with dark color themes
Prompt: cyberpunk aesthetic
Prompt: wallpaper futuristic pub in london city, octane render, 8k , uhd
Prompt: Futuristic backrooms, high tech, hypperrealistic, 16k quality, glow
Prompt: Glossy cyberpunk Bar, with sleek dark decor and holographic menus, highly detailed, digital painting, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, Unreal Engine 5, 8K
Prompt: Abstract cyberpunk city, pink style, at night, rainy, streetlamp, 8k, trending on artstation
Prompt: futuristic neon city with cyberpunk-style billboards in the evening of a rainy day