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Old toys man
Old toys man [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 899497571
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Prompt: Toys
Prompt: Animated comic book, Soldier comic characters, ++++spread out from each other,  ++++fighting, +++(perfectly drawn body), perfectly drawn, autonomically correct physique, symmetrical, ++++++hands,  ++++soldier, toned physique, tattoo style, Head to waist, perfect body, perfect face, ripped, muted colors, acrylic colors, action scene, +++dense green jungle, , ,symmetrical, centered, colorful, masterpiece, professional, vivid color, volumetric lighting, fog, professional, 8k, cinematic, xyf8, unreal engine, octane render, bokeh, vray, houdini render, quixel,  cinematic lighting, luminescence, translucency, arnold render, 8k uhd, raytracing, lumen reflections, cgsociety, ultra realistic, 100mm, film photography, dslr, cinema4d, studio quality, film grain, award-winning
Prompt: Lego crime scene photos
Prompt: Avengers in the style of Anime, manga, japanese, Marvel.
Prompt: Old toys
Prompt: lego fnaf sets
Prompt: marvel
Prompt: Legos space
Prompt: Lego marvel superheros video game
Prompt: a bustling little town where toys reign supreme, with tiny toy cars whizzing by and miniature toy people going about their business in their toy houses. ((the perspective is from a mouse's point of view)), giving a unique view of this enchanting, miniature world. the details are numerous as we see toy stores, toy restaurants, and even toy skyscrapers reaching for the sky. the little people have created a charming community that is full of love and wonder, with teddy bear policemen and firetruck drivers ready to serve. the colors are bright and joyful, and the texture of the toys is carefully rendered to give the image a sense of tactile magic., high quality, highres, detail enhancement
Prompt: lego fnaf sets
Prompt: ninjago characters in japan eating noodles , running a marathon
Prompt: Old toys
Prompt: Lego in motion
Prompt: lego marvel
Prompt: super hero in a costume stopping a crime, fighting a criminal with a gun. more detail. no capes. no masks. criminal holding a gun.
Prompt: picture of cool mascot chibi, Japanese, pvc action figure, symmetrical, ceramic material,
Prompt: super mario Lego Set
Prompt: wwe lego set
Prompt: every mcu hero combined into one allpowerful weirdo, comic book style