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Bella Swan laying an egg like a bird
Bella Swan laying an egg like a bird [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 929766140
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Prompt: extremely beautiful amy adams  holding a battleaxe, wearing torn slinky, in a scene in lord of the rings, epic fantasy painting by frank Franzetta
Prompt: Woman, wood elf, 8k, Skyrim, woodland, beautiful, photorealistic
Prompt: Portrait of a pale petite girl with dark ginger hair, forest, perfect composition, hyperrealistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski
Prompt: Emma Watson movie poster, atmospheric, realism, horror, grimy, evil in the woods, highly detailed, high octane render, hd, log cabin with lighted windows, in the style of enzo sciotti
Prompt: blonde, reddish-haired, Lannister, family, Lysa Tully, kids
Prompt: Edward cullen from twilight laying an egg like a bird
Prompt: Christina Hendricks as Lara Croft
Prompt: jessica chastain, vietnam war, soldier, tan uniform, action
Prompt: Ultra Realistic, close-up shot of The Witch Sabrina ((Kiernan Shipka)) From Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Series, masterpiece, best quality, highest quality, cinematic lighting, (volumetric lighting), extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper, focused, 8k wallpaper, 4k wallpaper, extremely detailed, ultra realistic, photorealistic, sharp focus, absurdres, (HDR:1.2), (high contrast), photograph, detailed and intricate, instagram, portrait, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, spooky, halloween, scary, fantasy, mystical, mist, scary, fantasy, featured on artstation, 8k
Prompt: short orange hair, full lips, green eyes, frowning brows, broad upper body, slightly broad shoulders, skinny arms, thin waist, hips, slightly large hips., godrays, render, 8k, octane render, atmospheric 4k ultra detailed,Masterpiece, colors,  4k, hyperrealistic, High Detail
Prompt: "Leona's special cat, possessing extraordinary powers beyond what anyone has ever seen before, is suddenly abducted by a mysterious figure wearing all black. Determined to save her beloved pet, Leona follows the trail of clues left behind, leading her on a dangerous journey through a dark and sinister underworld. As she delves deeper into the mystery, Leona discovers a world filled with magic and wonder, but also one that is filled with darkness and evil. With the help of unlikely allies and her own courage, Leona finally confronts the kidnapper and uncovers their true motivations. Through her epic adventure, Leona learns that the power of love is greater than any magic or technology, and it will always be strong enough to overcome any evil." Prompt code: LP002.

"Leona and her companions arrive at a hidden fortress, where they are met by an enigmatic figure who claims to know the whereabouts of the cat. But in order to gain their assistance, Leona must first complete a dangerous mission that will test the limits of her skills and bravery. Venturing deep into the heart of the fortress, Leona and her team encounter a series of deadly challenges, from treacherous traps to fearsome beasts. As they fight their way through the obstacles, Leona begins to suspect that the true purpose of the mission is not what it seems. Will she uncover the sinister truth behind the fortress before it's too late?" Prompt code: LP003.
Prompt: lana del rey say yes to heaven
Prompt: young woman, long wavy black hair, light blue eyes, berry lipstick, red leather jacket, black body suit, black pants, knee-high black boots, 3D, fine-tuned, hyper-realistic, intricately detailed, detailed face, 16K, realistic, movie poster, chest
Prompt: Bella Swan laying an egg
Prompt: Woman, wood elf, 8k, Skyrim, woodland, beautiful, photorealistic
Prompt: Redhead girl with long hair 8k resolution insanely detailed, hyper realism, life-like, photo realistic, 64k, full body, symmetrical eyes
Prompt: Digital art, ((black)) rogue gear, ((black)) adventurer armor, Medium build, slightly broad-shouldered, (((DreamShaper Version 1))), Berk of How to Train Your Dragon, 35-year old viking woman, small smile, red hair, cornrow braids, blue eyes, ((black gear, black armor,)) unreal engine, 8k octane, 3d lighting, full body, full armor
Prompt: lana del rey in bambi
Prompt: Bella Swan laying an egg
Prompt: Becky Lynch, WWE superstar, as a 1980s dark fantasy  lord of the rings character, dark hair, gothic, black makeup
Prompt: Dark cherry red haired cowgirl with a single braid red dead redemption 2 with faint freckles and fair skin, naturally beautiful portrait with a black hat
Prompt: emma watson as hermione granger from harry potter, fine-tuned, 3D, fantasy, detailed face
Prompt: jessica chastain, beautiful face, terrorist, tuscan raider, army helmet, fremen armor, dune, white bandage arms, cloth poncho, scifi military armor, rocket launcher
Prompt: photorealistic Tartaglia with bright blue eyes and ginger hair, holding a bow and shooting a water arrow, in front of a waterfall. There are trees around him, and he is wearing black clothing. The lighting is dramatic and intense, and he is looking at the camera with a confident smirk --ar 16:9 --q 2 --upbeta --v 5
Prompt: Upper Body Cyberpunk witch, scary, evil, menacing, tall, pale, Long black wild hair, eyes glowing menacingly green, dark Magic Aura, ripped clothes, Background foggy forrest, fantasy, Shadowrun, soft lighting, perfect composition, cinematic, video game trailer, dramatic, detailed painting, 8k, octane render, by makoto shinkai, stanley artgerm lau, wlop, rossdraws, concept art, digital painting, looking into camera,
Prompt: High resolution hyperrealistic dynamic image of hope summers merged with x-23, symmetrical detailed photorealistic face, highly detailed, cinematic, uhd, hdr, 64k