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jannis luck

jannis luck


In a restaurant a unobtrusive guy is spying on a beautiful girl in a restaurant on another seat
In a restaurant a unobtrusive guy is spying on... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 660299759
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Prompt: Young Jesus Christ are tasting the wine . 8k . HD
Prompt: Cafe
Prompt: restaurant consulting
Prompt: Full body shot of a stylish female model in a bustling coffee shop, modern digital painting, vibrant urban atmosphere, high quality, fashion illustration, warm tones, natural lighting, detailed features, trendy outfit, chic hairstyle, lively background, professional, urban, modern, stylish, vibrant atmosphere, bustling coffee shop, highres, digital painting, detailed face, fashionable, trendy
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Prompt: Location: Coffee shop]
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Warm colors, coffee cup