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alien electronic wired humanoid robot
alien electronic wired humanoid robot [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1024Height: 1024

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Prompt: white metallic humanoid emerge from the white metallic liquid
Prompt: Cyberpunk mechs, Riots in the streets, corporate corruption, cities burning, and a single flower in the chaos, tear gas, gas masks, pills, cash money
Prompt: Photorealistic, full-body rendering, Tyrant zombie biological weapon from Resident Evil movie, ultra-detailed, front camera angle, exhibiting an imposing, herculean physique with decomposing, mech with a menacing and formidable appearance, dark and shadowy color scheme, armored, piercing red-fire glowing eyes, intricate mechanical design, high-resolution image capturing the complex fusion of human and machine, sickly grey, emphasizing the nightmarish and formidable presence, skin, and a muscular right-arm adorned with a formidable eye and a colossal clawed hand, depicted in a spectrum of ashen grays
Prompt: Anime mech pilot
Prompt: Design a paranoia soldier in armor, , whose rank is orange, his armor is generally orange, realistic, 4k, ultra HD