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At the heart of every conflict lies a tangled web of perspectives, each person holding onto their own version of the truth. Yet the truth itself remains concealed beneath countless lies and secrets. From superiors oppressing the innocent to uncovering the mistakes of the past, there’s always three sides to the story. Yours, theirs and the truth. History continues to haunt us, it’s up to you to face the consequences of our actions and fight for a brighter future. Do it for the good of all. take a stance and play the cards you’re dealt. Let’s see how it plays out. Will the truth unfold? Or will the secrets remain buried forever? It’s time for the revelations after all. can you make this concept?
At the heart of every conflict lies a tangled w... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 863132477
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Prompt: A hell graveyard full of fallen Angels, wide angle, high contrast, 8k, 16k, hyper realistic, insanely detailed, ink punk style
Prompt: War
Prompt: Red Psychodelic Hellish creatures
Prompt: create an image that symbolized the human struggle to understand its meaning in this universe.
Prompt: civil rights, war, man holding a ring, xianxia, immortal heroes, brave, righteous, defiant, gods, immortals, monsters,  cultivation, popular, cell shade, practitioners, supernatural powers, good and evil, transcendental, metaphysical, multiple realms of reality, on a mountain, polished, final fantasy, realistic, 4k, ultra HD, digital art, sharp focus, WLOP, vibrant,  detailed, fine art, elegant, hovering, off the ground, hyperrealism, complex, stunning, urban, synesthesia, fire, deep depth of field, high key, finished, full
Prompt: Densely tangled forest branches  evocative, highly detailed. japanese Art ,  Symbolism, Ornamental, Brad Kunkle
Prompt: A zombie robot killing a human
Prompt: something unknown creeping closer, unable to out run it. it is right behind you, breathing slowly and coldly down your neck
Prompt: Spider Web merged with lightning
Prompt: Man caught in a Complex Very thorny web of pain.
Prompt: Politicians in the underworld rotting, 4k, photo, HD.
Prompt: A lonely, omniscient, and omnipotent super artificial intelligence, destroying itself after the human race is extinct
Prompt: artwork of a fantasy open air mine that is abandoned
Prompt: Donald trump, polar bears, joe biden fighter jets, Bald eagle, spiders, skulls, alien, centipede, beetle juice, burning money fire, joe biden sleeping
Prompt: result of western government tyranny, human state,
Prompt: Heaven, Hell, Enclosed spaces, open spaces, people, no people, populated, unpopulated, underground, above ground, degeneration, regeneration, tall landscapes, forgotten monolith
Prompt: how is it all connected, string. people, items, string tied, tangled
Prompt: A detailed illustration of grave
 ,oil painting, horror, dark background, torture, gore, sadistic, disgusting, dramatic lighting, hd, ultra detailed with medieval style
Prompt: Chaos