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Nicola Tesla Anime
Nicola Tesla Anime [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 302885708
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Prompt: anime edgar allen poe
Prompt: an illustration of a schoolboy in the style of  shin megami tensei 3: nocturne
Prompt: Long scruffy dark eyed boy sitting in the back of a car looking out the window up at the moon. think mojave desert make a cartoon
Prompt: handsome anime killer holding a knife in dark anime background
Prompt: Glenn Rhee as an anime character
Prompt: A boy of about 12 years old, short black hair and pale skin, he is wearing a black sweater vest with a white button up underneath and black pants, he is kneeling, dramatic lighting, illustration, ink art, Sergio Toppi, detailed, Yoshitaka Amano, ishida sui
Prompt: manga art style young prince
Prompt: anime character, background digital painting, digital illustration, extreme detail, digital art, ultra hd, vintage photography, beautiful, aesthetic, style, hd photography, hyperrealism, extreme long shot, telephoto lens, motion blur, wide angle lens, sweet blissful black boy, amazing quality, beautiful
Prompt: girl, black ruffled hair, bright yellow eyes with multiple rings within them with bags underneath, a dazed and tired expression, and teeth are noticeably sharp and angular., manga style, coloured,
Prompt: karkat vantas