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Hooded cultists with clockwork faces worshiping a clock
Hooded cultists with clockwork faces worshiping... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Euler ASeed: 678784164
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Prompt: Hooded cultists with clockwork faces worshiping a clock
Prompt: draw god and satan having a cup of tea together
Prompt: a man in a costume is painting a mask, in the style of surreal city scenes, intricate and bizarre illustrations, gray and bronze, escher-inspired, emotive faces, mirror, machine aesthetics
Prompt: A whale with playing chess while drinking coffee
Prompt: make a album cover with grave mind in bold letters in the center
Prompt: Clockwork Old God being worshipped by hooded cultists
Prompt: is there enough time between present and our past to try again, melancholic, fantasy clockwork, digital illustration
Prompt: The responsible mage sat alone, opened the lid and looked into the mead in the wooden tankard. The mage called the members of the fellowship of the swarm, and one by one they appeared as shadows in the mead. 

“Hark, swarm members, lend thine ear to me,
Pour mead to pitchers, gather nectar's spree.
In equal measure, seek thou quality's plea,
Commend skilled brewers, with craft and glee.

Yet, don't forget the faults of brews gone by,
Mead's the font of strength, let that be thy cry.
With finer mead, thy power shall be high,
From insectoids' essence, the honey doth lie.

Insectoids we favour for their luminous glow,
From egg to adult, through stages they show.
Honey we cherish when they reach their prime,
In admiration for their art through time.

Are you prepared? Declare, ‘Aye!’ or ‘Nay!’
Are you ready to tend to elves, I say,
Who nurtures insectoids, with prosperity blessed?”
Prompt: a secret society  in hooded uniforms at nighttime
Prompt: Four evil looking Grey aliens standing in front of a console with a big screen, screen shows two children playing games with their toys in a nursery, hyperrealistic, , detailed intricate ink illustration, dark atmosphere, detailed illustration, hd, 4k, digital art, overdetailed art, concept art, by greg rutkowski, by loish, complementing colors, Trending on artstation, deviantart
Prompt: Hooded cultists worshipping a book on a pedestal
Prompt: a ghastly female ghost holding out her arms and beckoning you in to abandoned room. shadowy and eerie clear features, black widow symbol on her bodice
Prompt: genghis khan playing poker in a space ship with aliens, 3d render, surrealism,
Prompt: dark hooded skeleton hunched over a table drawing a map
Prompt: Nightmares become a reality, escaping from the mind
Prompt: Breathtakingly detailed Image of a UFO death cult members. Dark & striking image. Aesthetically Brilliant. Everything is perfectly to scale. Award winning.
Prompt: Hiphop Album Cover with the letters „Schroedingers katze“
Wutang Style Hiphop boombap
Prompt: Name of the thief robbing the people and consciousness of the human experience
Prompt: The intricate mechanism whirs rapidly on a wooden desk under the dim light of a candle, magnifying glasses and alchemical instruments litter the surrounding area. High Definition art, M C Escher, Thomas Barbéy, Jos de Mey, Salvador Dali
Prompt: Hooded cultists worshiping a clockwork deity
Prompt: Masky and Hoodie, the enigmatic creepypasta figures, striking cool and mysterious poses in the heart of a moonlit forest. Masky is gracefully squatting on a fallen log, his face half-concealed by his mask, while Hoodie stands with an air of enigma, the moonlight casting haunting shadows on his face. The camera point of view is below them, capturing the moonlit beauty of the forest as they face the camera with a mix of haunting elegance and malevolence. The moon shines brightly through the trees, illuminating the forest floor with a silvery glow. The atmosphere is a delicate balance between beauty and darkness, evoking a sense of eerie fascination. The style for this image is a combination of photography and digital manipulation, with the characters' appearances enhanced to give them an otherworldly aura. The image will be in high contrast, accentuating the interplay between light and shadow, --ar 16:9 --v 5.
Prompt: skeleton, kneeling, jester, game controller, black and white, jester cap
Prompt: Black boned skeleton with intricate gold detailed design on bones, wearing black wizard’s robes with intricate gold detailing. Holding a sword covered in lightning in his left hand. Holding a black staff in his right hand. Wearing a mask and a black hooded robe. Standing on hill in front of a white tower