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spacecore, eldritch, psychic, elemental masterpiece 8k resolution Behance HD scrollwork magic conduits zBrush Central contest winner, cel-shaded gothic psychedelic wonderland pastiche by Josephine Wall, deep color
spacecore, eldritch, psychic, elemental masterpiece 8k resolution Behance HD scrollwork magic con... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 (1024)
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 286856609

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Prompt: The figure of an extremely beautiful, spiky hair-covered, female djinn rises & forms from an oil-slick puddle under a fantastic starscape with lightning bubbles, poisonous frog skin, & obsidian & opal orchids. Deep acrylic sparkling metallic emerald gold blue purple & red, cosmic iridescent, 3D psychedelic shading, full body image, dark fantasy!   high contrast, art deco, colorful polychromatic, explosive, intricate details, 8k resolution holographic astral cosmic illustration mixed media by Pablo Amaringo oil gouache, dynamic lighting! ultra quality, CGSociety
Prompt: a hyper realistic psychedelic hallucination of a surreal dreamlike creature that is simultaneously organic plant,  and light and mechanical. Psychedelic trippy flower creature, floral, dreamlike
Prompt: Cosmic shaman woman with beautiful face, green eyes, vibrant blue and golden feathers, ethereal lighting, high-res, digital art, realism, cosmic, vibrant, detailed, professional, colorful, mystical aura, intricate details, mesmerizing gaze, intricate headdress, glowing energy, otherworldly beauty, radiant complexion, cosmic energy, professional digital art, high quality
Prompt: Super powered librarian lady with glowing aura, psychedelic detail, high quality, vibrant colors, surreal, magical, detailed eyes, ethereal lighting, fantasy, mystical, vibrant aura, powerful, professional, 4k, ultra-detailed, surreal, psychedelic, vibrant colors, mystical
Prompt: "Fine Detail Academic Art - Epic Visionary Surrealism HD 3D Watercolour Painting by Alyssa Monks + Chris Bachalo + Luke Chueh + Andy Kehoe + Alex Grey; Mother Ayahuasca + The Creation Of Spirit In A Geometric Wonderland; Every Colour; Vibrant; Divine Wisdom; Activated Chakras; Kundalini Energy; Neon Pulse"
Prompt: Oil painting of a majestic goddess inspired by psytrance music and culture. Her facial features are intricately detailed, capturing every emotion. The surrounding environment is a colorful blend of realism and fantasy, with each element meticulously crafted, reflecting the fantastic grotesque style.
Prompt: Nebula goddess fractal lady
Prompt: Celestial male warlock, digital painting, radiant staff, celestial aura, mystical robes, intricate details, high quality, fantasy, vibrant colors, magical glow, cosmic background, glowing runes, otherworldly, celestial, detailed features, mystical, professional, atmospheric lighting