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jesus with a golden aura and a golden crown, fighting against the demon using a giant bitcoin as weapon
jesus with a golden aura and a golden crown, fighting against the demon using a giant bitcoin as... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 2115140754

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Prompt: un rey con una corona, liderando a su gente. El rey debe mostrarse como un líder respetado.
una espada sagrada en mano 
el rey debe estar más elevado que la multitud
Prompt: bible logo anime
Prompt: Those that ran away from you
Now come back to you 
When you were down 
They gave up on you 
Many said you were dead
But now you are resurrected 
Flying so high like a bull you fight
Oh bitcoin you are my joy and pride
I realised your powers at first sight
At first when I spoke about you
I was written off as a mad man
Now that your so high 
Everyone wants to know more 
Oh bitcoin in your lofty fight
You have turned skeptics 
Into seekers of light 
Prompt: Show me what you think the Christian god looks like
Prompt: strong hand holding a bitcoin in space
Prompt: Jesus Christ character who is a
33 year old Jew,
shoulders up,
appearance wise,
wearing a chiton robe,
King crown,
beard and hair,
light smile,
right arm raised holding a scepter in the right hand<mymodel>
Prompt: Genghis Khan is holding bitcoin
Prompt: "In a manner reminiscent of unwavering faith in Jesus, I shall exclusively embrace BITCOIN purchases, with a HOLYFUL ambiance, where selling is deemed sacredly forbidden."
Prompt: Design visually captivating image: Orthodox Mount Athos iconography + stable fusion for ARCHANGEL project. Fusion reactor icon with golden backgrounds, halos, surrounded by scientist figures. Celestial backdrop: clouds, light rays. Intricate details, radiant energy, ARCHANGEL project symbolism. Blend Orthodox icon conventions with futuristic fusion vision. Represents transformative power of stable fusion, invites contemplation of science, spirituality, clean energy.