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Model: Stable Diffusion
Width: 576Height: 1024
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Prompt: turkish girl, 17yo, blue tank top, Linen Shorts, Park,
Prompt: woman wearing vintage mod clothing but with punk hairdo, fashion mash-up, sweater mini skirt, mod meets punk, twiggy meets hayley williams,
Prompt: Girl 17yo, Lace Blouse, Linen Shorts, Park,
Prompt: RAW photo, photorealistic photo of, full body, 4k uhd wallpaper, soft lighting, high quality, film grain, Fujifilm XT3, Crisp Pinterest portrait photography, HDR color.
Prompt: Cute pose, cute and very attractive, beautiful 24 year old, american woman, blond hair, very short sweatshirt and leggings and a cute smile
Prompt: Brunette young beautiful woman with medium haircut with big brown eyes, small nose and juicy big red lips drinking wine on a balcony while raining outside
Prompt: 1girl, 8k, semi-realistic, masterpiece, korean face, 20yo, ,smile, wave hair, (white T-shirt, blue jeans), on street, full body, look on camera, nice pose
Prompt: (RAW photo, best quality, masterpiece, ultra-detailed, high res), (realistic),(extremely delicate and beautiful:1), mesmerizing portrait of a woman with her hair in a half up half down style, detailed features, reflecting lights, glimmering lights, expression of feelings, imaginative, highly detailed, extremely high-resolution details, photographic, realism pushed to extreme, fine texture, 4k, ultra-detailed, high quality, high contrast, wear Sweater full body
Prompt: 1woman, {{{masterpiece, masterful}}}, full body dark skin, highres, {curly brown hair with red highlights},{heterochromia, Yellow eyes, red eyes}, blush, {defractal hair, medium length hair}, Tattoos, {{{casual clothes, sweater and jeans}}}, city background,
Prompt: She’s much younger ,Dressed in a red sweater
Prompt: Sunshine, Glammy, Pink Sweater, Brown_Hair, Chrome-Platted Luxury, H-Hozbo, Encase, Soft Wav.e