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Tiger eating ramen
Tiger eating ramen [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 248563637
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Prompt: A film still from a gritty 1970s Martin Scorcese movie about tony the tiger in a grocery store cereal aisle. Realism. 4k. 8mm. Grainy. Panavision.
Prompt: Tiger eating nachos
Prompt: A tiger in the ukiyo-e art style with the sun in the background
Prompt: vector of a tiger from the front
Prompt: Tiger blended with axolotl
Prompt: matisse, vector cut out of tiger, orange
Prompt: A comic book style illustration of a tiger full body, Colored, looking over a cliff
Prompt: cat eating ramen bowl filled with noodles detailed picture pastel 4k
Prompt: A tiger with beautiful eyes and a soccer ball under its paw in the Sonoran desert in the ukiyo-e art style with the sun and a cactus in the background
Prompt: A tiger in the Sonoran desert in the ukiyo-e art style with the sun in the background
Prompt: cartoon Tiger with body with white background
Prompt: Cat eating pasta in anime artstyle
Prompt: a vibrant illustration of a tiger cub knocking a glass off a table
Prompt: ((Art by Jim Davis)) Garfield smoking a joint. Garfield and weed, Hyper realistic, HD, 8k ultra definition oil painting, hd quality,  UHD, hd , 8k, panned out view, Garfield smoking weed , weed covering the table, a fantasy , with weed in the bathroom
Prompt: Tiger hidden bamboo simple illustration painting ink Chinese
Prompt: Cartoon dragon eating ramen
Prompt: Full body of cat with teal stripes wings heavy Warrior Cat Style colorful fully rendered high quality teal stripes teal stripes teal stripes wings tiger
Prompt: minimalist line art illustration , a tiger crouching in shrubs, [ green : red: black]
Prompt: a cat eating ramen while wearing a straw hat
Prompt: A Tyger in a forrest during night buring bright. With a fire in the background.
Prompt: tiger roaring retro red illustration
Prompt: happy anime tiger holding coffee
Prompt: A tiger in the ukiyo-e style  with a soccer ball sun
Prompt: Digital art style painting, three rich tigers having a tea party in a jungle.