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Made by: Ultimate Upscale
Width: 3024Height: 3024
Seed: 2045383637

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Prompt: ((Epic)). ((Cinematic)). Shes a ((colorful)), Steam Punk, belly dancer, Witch. (spectacular), Winged, Cannabis fairy, with a skimpy, ((colorful)), ((gossamer)), flowing outfit, standing in a forest by a village. ((Wide angle)). ((Detailed Illustration)). ((8k)).  Full body in shot. ((Hyper real painting)). ((Photo real)). An ((extremely beautiful)), buxom,  shapely woman with, ((2 Anatomically correct, real human hands)), and ((vivid, colorful, extremely bright eyes)). A ((breathtaking Halloween night near a village with lights)). ((Glowing, winged sprites)) flying everywhere. ((Concept art style)). Sony a7 IV. Enscape render.
Prompt: humanoid fairy elemental with wings of water female flowing silver clothes
Prompt: Generate an image of a captivating woman with a thick, powerful physique, adorned in a metallic and mysterious dress that shimmers with an otherworldly glow. Fairies dance around her, their delicate wings casting shimmering light as they swirl through the air. Intricate tattoos adorn her hands, marking her with ancient symbols of power and magic. Set against the backdrop of the mystical forest from the 'Merlin' movie, this scene exudes an aura of enchantment and intrigue."
Prompt: HD 4k 3D 8k professional modeling photo hyper realistic beautiful woman enchanted, Oz Princess Polychrome, a cloud fairy and the daughter of the Rainbow, thus she is a "sky princess". radiant and beautiful fairy and exquisitely dressed. She was clad in flowing, fluffy robes of soft material that reminded Dorothy of woven cobwebs, only it was colored in soft violet, rose, topaz, olive, azure, and white, mingled together most harmoniously in stripes which melted one into the other. Her hair was like spun gold and floated around her in a cloud, no strand being fastened or confined by either pin or ornament or ribbon. she is sweet and ethereal, very much the archetypical good fairy. She is well known in the series for her daintiness and grace, and is considered to be an equal in beauty, ethereal greek goddess, full body surrounded by ambient glow, magical, highly detailed, intricate, outdoor  landscape, high fantasy background, elegant, mythical, surreal lighting, majestic, goddesslike aura, Annie Leibovitz style
A whimsically eccentric pixie with shimmering wings, each intricate detail radiates with magic: tiny silver bells tangled in her hair, sparkling dewdrops adorning her translucent wings, and bright iridescent eyes filled with mischief. The main subject is a fantastical creature with a playful demeanor. This stunning image is a digital painting. The ethereal beauty of this scene is truly breathtaking, with vivid colors and intricate details that bring the pixie to life. The high-quality rendering captures every enchanting aspect of this mystical being, drawing viewers into a world of whimsy and wonder.
Prompt: Full body portrait of sorceress in ornate gown with dragon fly wings , dramatic lighting, full HD, immense detail, well-lit, intricate patterns, mystical aura, detailed facial features, flowing fabric, ornate jewelry, vibrant color scheme, magical atmosphere, high resolution, detailed embroidery, professional digital art, enchanting, dramatic shadows, mystical, enchanting lighting
Prompt: Epic. Cinematic. Shes a (colorful), Steam Punk, gothic, witch. spectacular, Winged fairy, with a skimpy, (colorful), (gossamer), flowing outfit, standing in a forest by a village. ((Wide angle)). Detailed Illustration. 8k.  Full body in shot. Hyper real painting. Photo real. An (extremely beautiful), shapely, woman with, ((Anatomically real hands)), and (vivid), colorful, (bright eyes). A (pristine) Halloween night. (Concept style art). Rays of light. Lens flares. Celestial.
Prompt: In an ancient town where magic weaves through the air like threads of gold, a young Elf wizard moves with a grace that captivates the very essence of the arcane. Her body, a testament to elven beauty, is curvy and adorned not with fabric but with a magical bodypaint. This ethereal attire, a fusion of art and magic, clings to her pale skin, tracing every curve and contour with vibrant patterns that pulse with ancient power. The paint, alive with shifting runes and mystical symbols, celebrates her connection to the old magics, wrapping her in a garment of living enchantment.

Her hair, a wild cascade of short, black locks, frames a face that glows with an inner light. Freckles, like tiny constellations, dance across her pale skin, and her smile, bringing forth dimples, adds a warmth that contrasts her formidable presence. Over her shoulders, a cape as dark as the void mirrors the night sky, its fabric alive with the shimmer of distant stars, a cloak of celestial dominion.

Tight, thigh-high boots anchor her lithe form to the earth, symbolizing her balance between the mystical and the material world. This Elf wizard, in her skin-melded magical bodypaint and starlit cape, embodies the spirit of ancient magic. She is a bridge between worlds, her very presence a spellbinding tale of power, beauty, and the deep, untamed magic that courses through the veins of her ancient, whispering town.
Prompt: Kate beckinsale as tyrande whisperwind from world of warcraft walking through luminous elven forest carrying bow and owl, with elven ears, glowing eyes, wearing white dress, detailed face, high contrast