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Liberty Bridger

Liberty Bridger


Medieval blonde singing waitress
Medieval blonde singing waitress [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM++ 2M SDE KarrasSeed: 564405323
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Prompt: 8K full page magazine ((advertisement with "Bier Haus" text printed over photo,)) Beautiful blonde waitress in red white & leather Dirndl, buxom figure, blue-eyed, smiling, intricate oval face, working in a crowded BierGarten, carrying a tray with drinks, 8k photo, detailed, realistic, warm tones, professional, focus on cleavage, full bosomy physique, advertisement with "Bier Haus" text
Prompt: Character concept art of a kind female brewer in her 20s of thicker build with flowing light brown hair and bright blue eyes wearing a pale burgundy dress and a brown apron leaning against wooden barrels, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, trending on artstation, detailed face, realistic face, smooth, sharp focus, realistic body proportions, illustration art by Stanley Lau
Prompt: Glossy magazine advertisement for "Ale House", Beautiful blonde waitress in pirate costume ((in an ad for "Ale House")), ((printed text "Ale House", buxom figure, blue-eyed, smiling, light makeup, intricate oval face, working in an olde English style steakhouse with heavy wood furniture, paneling, iron & brass decorations, carrying a tray filled with drinks, 8k photo, ads-advertising, high quality, detailed, olde English, pirate costume, buxom, blue-eyed, smiling, light makeup, intricate face, wood furniture, paneling, iron decorations, brass decorations, drinks tray, professional, warm lighting, "Ale House" advertisement
Prompt: Medieval blonde singing waitress
Prompt: High definition photography, cinematic, A Huge very detailed DnD fantasy tavern with a murky ambience, atmospheric lighting, highres, fantasy, detailed architecture, immersive, murky tones, medieval, mysterious, foggy, gloomy moody atmosphere, variant habitants in the tavern background, needs only 10% of the picture, Detailed DnD fantasy art of a pretty female dnd barmaid, slim upper body, long ginger flowing hair, light on hair, freckles, serving big glass of beer, traditional detailed painting, corset, dramatic lighting, vibrant colors, high quality, game-rpg style, epic high fantasy, traditional art, dramatic dark lighting, fascinating, dark gloomy vibrant colors, high quality details
Prompt: Bavarian beer hall scene with tall buxom curvy German waitress, intricate square face, blue eyes, long blonde side tail hair, colorful dirndl uniform, black shoes, serving beer to a table full of casually dressed customers, happy joyous, 8k photo, traditional, detailed, vibrant colors, joyful expression, realistic, high quality, detailed hair, attractive design, professional lighting, traditional attire