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Telson Steeves

Telson Steeves


Rocky cliff that's topped with larch and pine trees that leads to a beach on the ocean
Rocky cliff that's topped with larch and pine trees that leads to a beach on the ocean [more]
Model: AlbedoBase-XL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1465023470

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Prompt: Nature's Beauty: Create a wallpaper featuring a stunning landscape, like a serene beach at sunset or a lush forest in the morning mist.
Prompt: ((masterpiece)), (best quality), (detailed), sea stacks, rocky needles, eroded, coastal, seabirds, wheeling, isolated, picturesque, ocean spray, windswept
Prompt: carmel by the sea poster done in sunset magazine style of posterized. Beach with carmel river flowing out. cypress trees line the coast and pt lobos is in the distance. A killer whale breechs the water
Prompt: California coast with a very small waterfall and one rainbow on the coast with waves on the ocean. There is some driftwood on the beach and cliffs on the coast. Most of the image is cliffs, coast, beach, and ocean.
Prompt: Imagine a surfer gliding across the waves, the Pacific Northwest coastline stretching behind them, all cast in a futuristic ambiance.
Prompt: Along the rugged coastline, weathered cliffs rise majestically from the pounding surf below. Sea spray mingles with the scent of salt, carried by the relentless ocean breeze. Tide pools teem with life, while seabirds soar overhead, their cries echoing against the rocky cliffs. Driftwood and seashells dot the sandy shore, and the rhythmic sound of crashing waves provides a backdrop to the coastal serenity