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A cat
A cat [more]
Made by: Sketch to image
Subject Description: A cat
Style: Anime
Color Theme: Red
Similarity: Creative
Width: 360Height: 768
Seed: 1153084909

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Prompt: a anime woman
Prompt: (((Character:Monika)))
Prompt: cute Anime girl with long pink hair and cat ears wearing purple thigh highs and an oversized pink hoodie and pink skirt and sitting at a picnic
Prompt: girl, red, long hair, purple eyes, sharp teeth, white shirt and black tie, blood, high quality, tired, horns, best quality, any anime art style,  manga style
Prompt: Haley (red multi-color hair) (multi color eyes) (she has horse ears)(red markings all over her body) casual attire
Prompt: Ekaterina Kraeva from Seikon no Qwaser, masterpiece, best quality, anime wide eyes, platinum red hair, amethyst eyes,  1little girl, 11yo, long twintail hair, black gothic Lolita dress, big chest, thick hips, (small breasts:0.7), thick thighs, (wide hips:1.7), looking at viewer, simple background, cartoon_portrait, <lora:cartoon_portrait_v2:0.5>,
Prompt: (masterpiece, illustration, best quality:1.2), girl, full body, solo, pale skin, toned body, stray hairs, calm demeanor, vibrant red eyes, vibrant red hair, bright Long red hair, red hair, long pony tail, long side fringe, beautiful white hair tips, beautifully attractive Japanese school uniform, finely detailed,  detailed face, toned face, beautiful detailed eyes, beautifully detailed very generous attractive body, beautiful tonified and strong abdomen, visible beautifully detailed deep cleavage, beautiful detailed legs, detailed black high heels, attractive look, attractive pose, beautiful red lipstick, beautiful detailed shading, beautifully detailed background, modern background, sharp focus, absurdres, highres, cinematic lighting, street photography, macro detailed shading, smooth soft detailed skin, {{hyper detailed}}, photo realistic, {{{masterpiece}}}, glowing light, detailed background, hair between eyes, dynamic angle, library, 4K, HDR, perfect eyes
Prompt: Haley 1female (long red hair pulled back, lively blue eyes. Wearing a male butler uniform. UHD,
Prompt: Maid outfit, soft red hair, teal eyes, female, 8k, woman, young pink bow in her hair
Prompt: demon red hairy girl in the dorm
Prompt: Zerif 1male (Red side-swept hair covering his right eye) and Haley on a date 8K, UHD, best quality, highly detailed, insane detail, anime style
Prompt: Haley as a horse girl with bright red hair pulled back, wearing pajamas, shy, nervous, blushing, UHD, highly detailed
Prompt: red hairy girl in the dorm