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white simple background, fox, skipping away
white simple background, fox, skipping away [more]
Model: Picture books-Children Cartoon
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1827405115

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small settlement, foggy,anime style  arm- furry ,smiling face expressions , male fox body with fox face,zoom in on the face , western anime style art , face view , red fox head
 ,western furr style,with black - red hair mohawk ,, red fox ears , anime style ,red fox pattern anime ,with red eye pupils
Prompt: Foxy from Five Nights at Freddys drawn in the style of Gen 4 My Little Pony, Adorable, Cute, sharp teeth, orange eyes, black patch over left eye, very fluffy, on all fours, full body, in ponyville, heart cutie mark
Prompt: A Fox on two legs with a book in his hand.
Prompt: Dans une forêt verte et mystérieuse,
Vivait un renard nommé Raphaël, tout joyeux.
Raphaël avait une fourrure dorée,
Et des yeux malins, toujours émerveillés.

Chaque matin, il se levait tôt,
Pour explorer les bois, sautillant comme un oiseau.
Les arbres murmuraient des contes anciens,
Et les ruisseaux chantaient des refrains sereins.
Prompt: a large fox is hugging a small fox. She is wearing an apron. The large fox has brown fur with long ears. The small fox is a baby fox
Mother fox love her baby no matter what
Mother fox is as gentle as a lamb
Prompt: show a fox hugging a wolf cartoon like