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high resolution, 4k, detailed, high quality, professional, wide view
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Prompt: He is a muscular humanoid alien with a purple complexion, a long tail, horns, clawed hands and feet, and wears his signature golden armor with purple and red gear.
Prompt: The Immortal from invincible, with blonde hair.
Prompt: Flash and super man combined into Blue superhero with lightning full blue lightning and suit with blue glowing eyes
Prompt: A hero Character. He controls air and wind. On his chest "Star" sign is there. Dark clouds with lightning background. The costume is bluish. His age adult enough. Soft look. Bulky muscle figure. Tornedo on his hand.
Prompt: Meet Atlas, the enigmatic hero with extraordinary abilities. Born under the light of a rare cosmic event, Atlas possesses powers beyond human comprehension. His strength rivals that of a hundred men, his speed surpasses the swiftest creatures, and his intellect is unmatched by any mortal mind.

Zeus looms behind Percy, his figure towering and majestic, clad in regal robes and wielding a crackling lightning bolt in one hand. His expression is stern and powerful, with sparks of electricity dancing around him, emphasizing his divine nature.

The background showcases Mount Olympus, rising majestically into the sky, its peaks wreathed in clouds and bathed in the warm glow of Zeus’s lightning bolts. The mountain is surrounded by other iconic landmarks from the Percy Jackson series, such as the Parthenon and the Empire State Building, symbolizing the clash between ancient mythology and the modern world. Mythical creatures like the Minotaur and the Chimera lurk in the shadows, hinting at the dangers and challenges that Percy and Zeus must face.
Prompt: fantasy art, neon colored,  Luis Royo, Amy Sol style, intricate, hyper-detailed,  bare chested strong muscular, attractive Asian male bodybuilder, male warrior character, muscular jawline, angelic face, beautiful, masculine face, full body pose, muscular legs, high resolution, leather Pteruges  detailed images, clear sharp resolution, short hair, no-armor, barbarian, holding a with an aggressive stance sword, weapon, greatsword