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NeutralChaotic Edits (Lilith)

NeutralChaotic Edits (Lilith)


Adult, medieval, Dothraki
Adult, medieval, Dothraki [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 860901323
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Prompt: fantasy, medieval, Tall man, slender, with pale yellow skin and brown eyes, and short blonde hair, With a chainmail and spear on his back, UHD, 8k, high quality, ultra quality, perfect composition, trending art, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, cinematic lighting, special effects, hyper realism, hyper realistic, oil painting, Very detailed, full body, full view of character, portrait
Prompt: male warrior fantasy character, chain mail armor, handsome, strong musculature, extremely hairy chest hair, short wavy hair and short trimmed beard, royal blue clothing.
Prompt: DnD rogue, detailed background, intricate details, chain mail armor , natural colors, no beard, red hair, George Custer, Full  body
Prompt: A gruff warrior with dark hair, well kept beard, hazel eyes, a scar on his lip and a sad look on his face. He is wearing a set of old adventuring clothes with a breastplate on top. He is holding a longsword in the right hand and a shield in the left hand. Portrait. A church in the background.
Prompt: Male human, nordic ancestry, warrior, wielding a falcata, symmetrical full plate armor, dirty blonde short wavy Hair with glossy highlights, trimmed beard, very detailed sapphire  eyes, visible ruggedly handsome detailed face, high fantasy,
Prompt: Cleric from dungeons and dragons, full plate armor, celtic design, DnD, in the style of realistic and hyper-detailed renderings,dungeons and dragons, 8k, detailed eyes, perfect eyes, epic , dramatic , fantastical, full body , intricate design and details, dramatic lighting, hyperrealism, photorealistic, cinematic, 8k, detailed face, Dramatic photo, epic photo, whole body,
Prompt:  human ranger, stands tall with a weathered face and piercing green eyes that reflect his wisdom and keen perception. Clad in practical leather armor adorned with nature-inspired engravings, he is a master of both the curved scimitar at his side and the finely crafted longbow slung over his shoulder.