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Ori Amram

Ori Amram


many students struggling with stuying on notebooks and books, one student closer to the camera is watching on his computer and learning smoothly and having fun. Wide photo
many students struggling with stuying on notebooks and books, one student closer to the camera is... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 14446612

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Prompt: Teens learning English on different everyday situations
Prompt: Create a couple students sitting with a computer with an engaging teacher
Prompt: Generate a high-resolution image of five 12-year-old children sitting around a table, engaged in a brainstorming session. They should be diverse in appearance, wearing casual clothing, and showing expressions of concentration and excitement. The table should have notebooks, papers, and colorful pens scattered on it. The setting is a bright, modern classroom with educational posters on the walls."
Prompt: educational issue discussion
Prompt: Creat me a student image
Prompt: Create a high quality image of a young Mexican woman that sits in a sunlit college classroom, her expression a blend of curiosity and serenity. Dressed in casual, authentic attire, she leans slightly forward, her eyes focused on the lecture. The room is filled with the hum of learning, textbooks open, and laptops glowing.
Prompt: A young student (age range can be adjusted depending on your target audience) sits at a desk in a bright, well-lit room. They have a warm smile on their face and a look of concentration as they write on a whiteboard or a large notepad filled with math equations.
The equations themselves should be colorful and visually interesting, perhaps using different colors for different variables or operations.
Beside the student, on a desk or table, could be a laptop or tablet displaying an online class interface, subtly highlighting the online learning aspect.
This image portrays confidence, engagement, and the joy of learning math. It also subtly showcases the online learning format.
Prompt: A boy is study
Prompt: A young student sitting at a desk next to his future self