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3d a girl with her head covered in grey, in the style of detailed fantasy art, cracked, white and azure, detailed nature depictions, pale palette in wide ratio
3d a girl with her head covered in grey, in the... [more]
Model: Other
Width: 1792Height: 1024
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Prompt: concrete cracking open paint dripping out
Prompt: In a wide format, a woman's face emerges, reconstructed in 3D through fractal methodologies. The design is imbued with the mood of melancholic symbolism, with the face bearing resemblances to cracked stone statues, pieced together like a puzzle. The scene exudes humanistic empathy, rendered in a monochromatic black and white, showing elements of slumping and draping.
Prompt: Detailed realistic facial portrait of a woman, long flowing blue hair, intricate depiction of blue eyes, sensual gaze, visible mouth and nose, breaking skin to reveal in the cracks and holes dreams about love, fears, future, past, very detailed, ultra realistic, emotional, intense, intricate hair details, detailed eyes and facial features, vivid emotions, high quality, surreal detailed skin texture
Prompt: 3D render of a woman's face broken in half by rocks, showcasing futuristic realism, poured paint aesthetics, darkly detailed features, chic illustrations, fragmented figures, and graceful sculptures, all presented in a cracked style.
Prompt: A black and white detailed painting of a Hispanic woman wrapped in delicate wire nets, blending realism with the ethereal, the fine lines and intricate details capturing her essence, with cracked skin symbolizing her journey and struggles.
Prompt: photorealistic portraits of women from surreal imagery and 3d renderings, in the style of paint dripping technique, gray and aquamarine, intricate underwater worlds, panfuturism, art nouveau organic flowing lines, fluid geometry, freehand painting
Prompt: an image is shown of a fractal shaped face made of wires, in the style of futuristic, sci-fi elements, highly detailed realism, cryengine, dark symbolism, futuristic robots, emphasis on facial expression, intricate patterns
Prompt: A woman's face is broken in half thanks to rocks, in the style of futuristic realism, poured paint, darkly detailed, chic illustrations, fragmented figures, graceful sculptures, cracked in wide ratio.