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David Joel Salas Cespedes

David Joel Salas Cespedes


Surrealist wizard offering amanita muscaria, with a nirvana style universe background
Surrealist wizard offering amanita muscaria, wi... [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 903830308
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Prompt: in forest wizard, wizard better than other wizard and he is storng, his right hand stuff and stuff's on sphere and sphere's in purple lightining, this wizard very old but lusty. He is wearing glasses and he holds the middle of his glasses with the index finger of his left hand and his one hands have a five fingers
Prompt: a gnome meditating to expand his third eye. He sits criss-cross apple sauce on top of a large mushroom
Prompt: Ethereal wizard in a mystical forest, soft focus, high quality, ethereal, fantasy, magical, detailed robe, mystical atmosphere, flowing beard, enchanting, surreal lighting
Prompt: A wizzard in a bright forest setting with flowers all around
Prompt: Wizard eating rocks
Prompt: A full body portrait of a mystical holy person standing in the middle of a mystical forest casting a spell and summoning something from around them. They have mesmerizing green eyes and a wise look, and are holding a magic glowing staff with flowers and plants grass and moss all around them. They are wearing detailed clothing and footwear, and interacting with the forest flowers and plants.
Prompt: Adventure time styled terence mckenna as a wizard of mushrooms in a psychedelic style, offering psilocybin cubensis mushroom as the key of open minded, background  of the milky way with some alien mixed , suggesting that the mushrooms will change your perception of life
Prompt: realistic photo of magnificent Radagast, surrounded by animals, green woods, 4k, highly detailed, intricate details,
Prompt: Dark, evil, colorful intricate hyper realistic photo of a Raid boss Bog witch with twisted eerie flowing wild hair, her dress made out of dark twisted bark and moss an algae, her hat adorned with poisonous pitcher plants and noxious mushrooms emitting glowing spores, kinetic art, Art Nouveau, heavy outline, abstract