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Logan Williams

Logan Williams


Bearded Knight walking down ancient path, oil painting, rugged armor and weathered sword, mystical atmosphere, high quality, realistic, medieval, warm tones, dramatic lighting, detailed armor, epic fantasy, ancient, heroic stance, atmospheric lighting
Bearded Knight walking down ancient path, oil p... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 640Height: 640
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1129259313
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Prompt: Create a realistic picture of. the character below with him standing with a sword and shield in plate mail

Deep-set and a striking shade of hazel, they shimmer with intelligence and determination. When he gazes upon his troops or scans the horizon, it's with a sharp, calculated intent, revealing a mind always at work.
Thick, raven-black hair, cropped short for practicality's sake but showing the faintest hints of silver at the temples. His well-groomed beard, also streaked with gray, gives him a distinguished look, hinting at both wisdom and experience.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
A sun-kissed tan, showing signs of weathering due to countless hours under the Solamnic sun and the strains of battle. Small, faded scars are scattered across his skin, each a tale of skirmishes and wars past.
Prompt: (Full-body) A handsome rugged hairy male knight, short-hair and short-bearded, leather armor open in the chest, hairy chest visible, holding a fantasy weapon, dark fantasy street, matte shaded illustration, realistic digital art
Prompt: Painting of middle aged knight, dark hair, dirty armour, heavy scars, scowling, portrait, digital art
Prompt: electronic painting (full-body) character portrait of sci-fi high-fantasy ((male dwarf artificer)) wearing (dark armored weatherproof great-cloak) over (heavy magitek hi-tech high-fantasy armor) wearing magic-punk goggles and ((((magitek lightning-enchanted hi-tech sci-fi gauntlets)))) standing in a (dwarven artificer's workshop) with (brown hair and beard), (brown eyes) and rounded ears, using a rich color palette and dark gritty tones, professional illustration, painted, painterly, impressionist brushwork, highly detailed facial features, highly detailed background,
Prompt: a old man in plate armor with a mace in his hand and with eye patch on his left eye and with thick gray hair and mustache, Aleksander Gine, antipodeans, epic fantasy character art
Prompt: Ryan Hurst, detailed DnD fantasy art of a heroic human paladin, brown eyes, thick long tousled darkbrown hair, traditional detailed oil painting, intricate detailed golden full plate mail, golden shield with Tyr symbol, detailed burning longsword in the hand, detailed black belts, Landscape with dramatic lighting, dark vibrant colors, high quality, game-rpg style, epic high fantasy, traditional art, dramatic dark lighting, heroic cleric, fascinating, high quality details, in a murky battlefield background surrounded by undeads, atmospheric lighting, highres, fantasy,  immersive, murky tones, medieval, mysterious, foggy, moody atmosphere, undead walking around