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Charlie J

Charlie J


Realistic futuristic dystopian landscape, heavy mist, at the edge of space, with a large time hole on the sky, Depicting a female Steampunk style High Fantasy Dhamani, an exquisite portrayal of an exotic, gorgeous, slender, long random colored hair, ultra realistic young adult woman, wearing a heavy iron collar, Gorgeous perfectly detailed facial features, long legs, sumptuous perfect body, ultra pale, visible midriff, Perfect studio lighting, perfect shading, Professional Photo Realistic Image, RAW, artstation, splash style dark fractal paint, contour, hyper detailed, intricately detailed, unreal engine, fantastical, intricate detail, steam screen, complimentary colors, fantasy concept art, 64k resolution, deviantart masterpiece, splash arts, ultra details, Ultra realistic, hi res, UHD, complete 3D rendering.
Realistic futuristic dystopian landscape, heavy... [more]

Negative prompt

nude, naked
nude, naked [more]
Model: epiCRealism
Width: 608Height: 768
Scale: 20Steps: 100
Sampler: Seed: 326760019

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Prompt: cyberpunk assassin with bladed arms, (high quality)+, (high texture)+, (ultra detailed)+, (detailed background)++, (perfect anatomy)+, (proper finger structure)+, (quality artwork)+, (mature woman)++, solo, detailed face, black hair, long hair, shiny hair, detailed hair, iridescent eyes, detailed eyes, glasses with brass trim++, (leather gloves)++, detailed accessories, detailed body)++, shiny skin, (fair skin)+, detailed skin, (frozen)++, road++, nightfall background++, (metal streetlights)++, (full body)+++, (sepia tones)++, (from ahead)++
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