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Prompt: Lilly Aldridge   as a  flame  nymph close up portrait
Prompt: Gold female phoenix with human face and angel wings, shiny, glittering, majestic, high quality, oil painting, detailed feathers, ethereal lighting, fantasy, mythical, regal, shimmering, professional, warm tones, dramatic lighting, 4k, ultra-detailed, phoenix, human-like face, angelic wings, majestic, golden, mythical creature, oil painting, fantasy art, detailed feathers, shimmering, regal, ethereal lighting, facing the left
Prompt: beautiful woman warrior with white wings, smooth soft skin, beautiful intricate hair, symmetrical, big eyes, detailed face, magical, ethereal lighting, high quality, vivid colors, fantasy art , ruins, fog, smoke, fire, touching fire, holding flames, fantasy, realistic, colorful
Prompt: Phoenix fire goddess, mixed race, digital painting, majestic wings engulfed in flames, radiant golden feathers, intense gaze with fiery eyes, divine aura, high quality, vibrant colors, fantasy, mystical lighting
Prompt:  a flaming phoenix is perched on a 25 year old goddess's shoulder. The 25 year old goddess has clothes made of feathers and looks like a phoenix as a 25 year old goddess. Full length. Muscular. Huge busom.
Prompt: Fantasy celestial viking angel, blonde braided hair, wings, oil painting, majestic armor and weaponry, heavenly background, ethereal and luminous, divine aura, intricate details, high quality, oil painting, angelic, fantasy, majestic, ethereal, luminous, intricate details, heavenly background, divine aura, 18-23 years old. large, majestic wings that are fully spread and detailed iridescent feathers and emit a spectrum of neon colors, with lights that appear to run through its body, giving it a vibrant, almost fiber-optic appearance. wearing an ornate, armored bodice paired with flowing, sheer fabric that makes up a skirt or gown. The attire is adorned with intricate designs, possibly metallic or silver in color, that suggest a regal or warrior-like status.
Prompt: <mymodel>Promethea embodies a unique blend of qualities and characteristics that showcase a harmonious mix of divine femininity and earthly power - from her massive, strength-bearing arms and WAIST to her mesmerizing silver curls and mystical heritage of Egyptian and Irish roots. She exudes a captivating aura of magic and artistry, embodying the very essence of a goddess who wield immense power and beauty in equal measure, while her association with fire and language further enriches her enigmatic nature as a truly formidable presence.