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walter universal studios theme park rides
walter universal studios theme park rides [more]

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nisney parks
nisney parks [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 520
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 166103239

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Prompt: Un mundo sin tecnología, ventajas y desventajas En forma de meme muy creativas digno de ganar hazlo en HD
Prompt: A theme park of the future
Prompt: ice garden, glass flowers and ice trees, crystal world, crystal city, crystal buildings, glass flowers, a stunning crystal city made entirely of glass, sparkling in the sun, with a magical view
Prompt: Chaos Carnival scary circus magician clown
Evil bunny showman vampire
Demon elf carnival tent haunted carnival festival roller coaster parade gothic
Prompt: A floating city suspended in the sky, accessible only by airships or magical portals. It's a hub of advanced technology and mystical wonders, with sprawling gardens and magnificent waterfalls cascading from the edges.
Prompt: scenic view,

looking from behind and below, low angle wide view, starry night, cloudy,

masterpiece best quality hyperdetailed intricate watercolor pastel mix 1 2D girl anime sitting on rooftop, detailed cotton clothes, detailed short hair,

masterpiece best quality hyperdetailed intricate megastructure landscape,

cinematic lighting,

precise pencil strokes, precise pencil outlines,

digital contrast symmetrical watercolor painting, digital ink painting,

colorful, atmospheric lighting, depth of field, bokeh, science fiction,

album cover art, wallpaper art, clean art, digital art, 128K resolution,
Prompt: please draw a utopian futuristic high tech city on Earth. Biomimetic design is normalized. Humans and other biodiversity live in harmony. The city is regenerative, peaceful, green and vibrant.
Prompt: View of an arena, chronicles of Disney Style, perfect composition, hyper realistic, super detailed, 8k, high quality, trending art, trending on art station, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed
Prompt: Moorish city hyper-realistic, far-future very dense cityscape, eco-friendly, lots of foliage, flying cars in the sky, neon lights, dusk, lots of lakes and streams, worlds' fair
Prompt: Ootopia
Prompt: Dream world
Prompt: Ootopia
Prompt: Fantasy city marketplace, morning, soft colors, realistic
Prompt:  zoo, Beautiful futuristic, outdoor zoo, hyperdetailed, 8k futuristic sci-fi suspended city gardens colorful architectural landscape,
modular buildings, 8k, engine,
Prompt: Paradise in heaven, Vivid, V-Ray Lighting, Reflections, Refraction, Intricate Details, Realistic, Sharp, Octane Render, UHD, 4K, 8K, pastel colors, chocolate fountain, candy drop trees, beautiful, candy canes, syrup lale, waffle cone mountains, kit cat road

Floating City of Lumina:
an awe-inspiring vision of a floating city amidst a breathtaking landscape. Towering crystal spires rise from the clouds, reflecting the colors of the setting sun. Lush gardens cascade down the floating platforms, where vibrant plants and exotic creatures thrive. A network of glowing bridges connects the different districts, while airships navigate the skies, leaving colorful trails in their wake. The scene captures a harmonious blend of nature.
Prompt: beautiful kingdom on the shore with warm lights and happy people, vibrant colors, concept art, sci fi style
Prompt: a realistic theme park map
Prompt: fairytale land
Prompt: Fantasy world
Prompt: Solution to build a green society in futuristic world drawing art
Prompt: Arendelle for Summer Carnival
Prompt: Create a stunning artwork of a high-tech eco-city on a beautiful planet. Picture lush landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant skies. Design the city with sustainable architecture, advanced technology, and renewable energy sources. Incorporate futuristic elements like holographic gardens, floating parks, and smart buildings. Show a diverse and happy community living harmoniously with nature. Illuminate the scene with warm glows and convey hope for a sustainable future.
Prompt: Dreamlight valley