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Seed: 1455206362
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Prompt: Popeye as a extremely Muscular Boxing fighter on steroids, Full body centered, mobster pose, wearing gaudy boxing gloves, southern gothic, disgust, UHD illustrative layout 4d, realism, textured intricately, finely detailed, style of Sam Kieth and Mahesh Nambiar
Prompt: full body photorealistic portrait of a capoeira combat, at sunset, detailed, intricate, sharp, focused face , depth of field, symmetrical face, f/1.  8, 85mm, Nikon Z9, (image-centered composition: 1.2)
Prompt: "(wide shot) 15mm photography in remote Australian Outback of a tall kangaroo with boxing gloves, intricate 3D UHD 4k resolution photoillustration by Paul Cadden Paul Lung".
"Crocodile Dundee and kangaroo boxing. full body pencil drawing of Paul Hogan, "pearlescent rendered eyes", realistic face, sharp facial features, facial features face, hyperrealistic strobe photography by Greg Joens Artgerm, focused, sharp, canon m50, artstation, eyecandy corona rendered, volumetric smoke, vray, masterpiece, award-winning"
Prompt: perfect composition, {60 year old}, extremely muscular {Jordan Peterson} as a bodybuilder, wearing boxing champion gear, {punching sandbag}, extra masculine, peak fitness, determined expression, ultra detailed face, ultra detailed eyes, ultra fine details, hyper detailed, 8k, 64k portrait
Prompt: parameters  Breathtaking Evocative Dramatic Drama vibrant Lucha libre in profile portrait of a buff masculine Mexican luchador (in the heavens with clouds) ((masked)) Mexican wrestler (by Sanjulian and Antonio J. Manzanedo), staring dramatically into the distance, digital art, sharp focus, very detailed, realistic painting, dnd, d & d character design, trending on artstation, god of luchadores. glistening skin, high quality, hdr, bokeh, photorealism, realistic, authentic, chromatic aberration, lens distortion, sharp focus, highest detail, realistic shadows being cast
Prompt: Rocky Balboa as an extremely robust Boxing fighter on steroids, finely detailed eyes, Full body centered, ferocious pose, wearing flamboyant boxing gloves, ElectroPop 08, Edgy goth, UHD illustrative layout, 3d model hyper-realistic render, intricate angular texture style of Tom Richmond and William Etty,
Prompt: Muscular hunks bodybuilder five people varied sizes tall handsome crowd
Prompt: 3D, HD, Dramatic, Epic, Spectacular, Cinematic lighting, Two MMA fighters locked in brutal combat in a blood stained octagon cage match as the crowd goes wild with excitement!, ultra detailed full body artistic photography, detailed rugged Gorgeous detailed face, shadows, oil on canvas, brush strokes, ultra sharp focus, ominous, matte painting movie poster, golden ratio, epic, intricate, cinematic character render, hyper realistic, 64K --s98500
Prompt: muscular fireman with red boxing gloves
Prompt: A young handsome boxing athlete,29 years old Indonesian male,elegant hair,pretty eyes,glossy lips,boxing shorts,wearing boxing gloves,focus,cool pose,cinematic lighting,golden hour photography,boxing ring,64k,UHD,highly realistic,ultra realistic,dynamic potrait,cinematic,photorealistic,sweating,muscular,
Prompt: Jordan Peterson Boxing
Prompt: james beattie's face , nathan adrian's muscle, shirtless, royal blue underwear, bulge
Prompt: ancient, jesus christ boxing with vladimir putin, fist fight, detailed faces, in battle by anders zorn, wonderful masterpiece by greg rutkowski, beautiful cinematic light, by greg manchess, jessica rossier
Prompt: Thai superheroes Use Muay Thai in a fight.
Prompt: handsome idol german model foto realistic full HD 4k
Prompt: Rocky balboa muscular victory with heavyweight champion belt
Prompt: KSI