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Digital art of a face patterned with black and white stripes, where the surface mirrors chrome reflections. The scene is enhanced by quantum wavetracing, offering a unique visual experience. The backdrop blends light bronze and dark blue, alluding to a multimedia installation with strong futurist influences. Certain features stand out with selective focus.
Digital art of a face patterned with black and... [more]
Model: Midjourney
Width: 1456Height: 816
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Prompt: person, face with lines, hologram, unsplash, abstract, light through blinds, profile image, the ghosts in the machine, three-dimensional, op, brain, high resolution, shadowed, light silver and dark navy, mind-bending patterns, futuristic robots
Prompt: Photo of a person with a face painted in golden and metallic hues, with detailed eyes that stand out amidst the robotic theme. Lashes are emphasized with shadows, and the overall appearance resembles a digital artwork.
Prompt: vector blocks humans shapeshift between one and another
Prompt: a woman with a face painted with golden stripes, in the style of futuristic realism, egyptian iconography, kubisi art, light silver and dark cyan, patrick brown, ultra hd, mesmerizing optical illusions
Prompt: Digital doodle presenting a woman's visage, emphasizing her eye which is accentuated by gold and azure metal strips. The artistry captures the essence of mechanized precision and is fragmented in a style reminiscent of cubism.
Prompt: a man head in a 3d image dressed up as a robot, in the style of fluid lines and curves, metallic finishes, solarization, light silver and bronze, bold, black lines, dreamlike installations, 8k resolution --ar 128:73 --style raw --v 5.2
Prompt: The image showcases a close-up of a face, intricately designed with golden and metallic hues. The eyes, remarkably detailed, seem alive amidst the robotic and digital artistry. Lashes cast subtle shadows, while the fragmented metal pieces form the contours of the face.
Prompt: Digital art of an abstract face, taking inspiration from cyberpunk aesthetics. Gold and azure dominate the color palette, with fragmented advertising visuals in the backdrop. The details exhibit a mix of organic and mechanical precision.
Prompt: Digital art of a face patterned with black and white stripes, where the surface mirrors chrome reflections. The scene is enhanced by quantum wavetracing, offering a unique visual experience. The backdrop blends light bronze and dark blue, alluding to a multimedia installation with strong futurist influences. Certain features stand out with selective focus.
Prompt: vector 3d girl face made of different sized black outline blocks
Prompt: Illustration showcasing a metallic woman's face in gold and azure shades. The design is rich in details, with fragmented advertising motifs embedded. The art style emphasizes the emotional depth of the subject, even with its mechanized appearance.
Prompt: Digital art of a mechanized woman's face, beautifully detailed in gold and azure hues. The backdrop features fragmented advertising visuals, and the entire composition leans towards expressing emotion, contrasting with the hard edges and metallic forms.
Prompt: Digital art illustrating a woman's face, with one eye prominently detailed and surrounded by shimmering metal strips. Gold and azure dominate the color scheme. The composition leans towards a mix of mechanized artistry and fragmented cubist influences.
Prompt: Photo manipulation transforming a woman's face into a gilded visage intertwined with wires. A single eye stands out with its photorealistic detail. Surrounding her are metallic rectangles and robotic motifs, set against a backdrop that blends dark cyan, yellow, and the dripping paint technique.
Prompt: a digital doodle of a woman and her eye surrounded by metal strips, in the style of daz3d, gold and azure, mechanized precision, detailed facial features, cubist fragmentation of form
Prompt: Wide image showcasing a visage, intricately decorated with blue electronic patterns, set dramatically against a deep background. Streams of gold light illuminate the metallic texture of the skin, emphasizing the dazzling blue eyeshadow.
Prompt: Digital art of a golden woman's face, adorned with a network of wires. One of her eyes is strikingly photorealistic, contrasting with the surrounding futuristic robotic elements. The backdrop merges dark cyan and yellow hues, with hints of paint dripping technique giving it a unique touch.
Prompt: A captivating face of an Asian woman takes shape from a concoction of radiant gold and lively teal. Whirling designs envelope her face, mirroring her contours and accentuating her striking blue eyes that appear to hold myriad secrets. Glistening gold drips from her eyes, suggesting the sorrows of an age-old spirit.
Prompt: 3D render of a woman's face, with a pronounced focus on her eye. The eye is bordered by metal strips in gold and azure shades. The overall design showcases mechanized precision, detailed facial elements, and is influenced by a cubist fragmentation style.
Prompt: the face of a woman in gold with lots of wires, in the style of photorealistic eye, metallic rectangles, futuristic robots, uhd image, paint dripping technique, futuristic victorian, dark cyan and yellow
Prompt: a woman's face with bold strips of color on it, in the style of silver and gold, egyptian x egyptian patterns, airbrush art, ramses younan, 8k 3d, patrick brown, imaginative characters, dazzling chiaroscuro
Prompt: Illustration depicting a face, shimmering in gold, with wires cascading around. The eye captures attention with its photorealism, and metallic rectangles float around. The scene is set against a dark cyan and yellow gradient, embodying a futuristic Victorian aesthetic with paint drips.
Prompt: Render of a cybernetic face where human features are enhanced by intricate gold and metal designs, contrasted with sections of black and white striped patterns. The background's light bronze and dark blue tones emphasize the face's merger of human emotion and technological artistry.
Prompt: Futuristic artificial intelligence young girl made with mechanic gold and white, high detailed hd realistic
Prompt: pixel face from flit til i die 1, in the style of experimental video art, princesscore, spherical sculptures, dusty piles, , cartoon mis-en-scene, avocadopunk
Prompt: 3D render of a woman's face, made entirely of gold, with wires intricately woven around. The eye showcases photorealistic details, while metallic rectangles hover around. The background features a blend of dark cyan and yellow, reminiscent of a futuristic Victorian era with dripping paint effects.
Prompt: Create an image featuring a close-up of a female mannequin's face. The face should be divided by vertical lines, with alternating panels shifted slightly to create a disjointed, surreal effect. The mannequin should have metallic golden skin with high contrast shadows, and the eyes should be accentuated with bold blue eyeshadow. The background should be a pattern of vertical blue and white stripes, adding to the fragmented and artistic feel of the image.
Prompt: stylized psychedelic face of a woman in black, in the style of light silver and light gold, noir comic art, hyperrealistic murals, dc comics, mechanical designs, charming realism, chicano-inspired
Prompt: Illustration in UHD resolution, presenting a face adorned with black and white stripes, reflecting the sheen of chrome. The ambiance exudes quantum wavetracing effects, placed against a backdrop combining light bronze and dark blue. The composition, reminiscent of a multimedia installation, draws inspiration from futurist art, with selective focus on key elements.