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Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 624
Scale: 7Steps: 28
Sampler: DPM++ SDE KarrasSeed: 782143169
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Prompt: 010 1010 1010 10101010 10
Prompt: Bodybuilding Anti-Laocoon playing guitar for tips in a busy alien mall, widescreen, infinity vanishing point, galaxy background
Prompt: The S.U.N.
Prompt: The fire within By Dan Mumford Dan Witz
Prompt: Insomnia masterpiece
Prompt: vintage coca cola advertising poster, realistic, in interior of 60s american fast food with juke box, vintage decoration, hyper detailed, realistic, pop art
Prompt: A boy playing football abstract art
Prompt: Comic strip  Jesus Christ army very detailed new age painting style futuristic samurai saints with guns and swords battle against evil cyberpunk chainsaw arms and chain electric whips  ninjas with electric swords highly detailed battle scene unreal engine 5 style
Prompt: an oil painting of a businessman in a black suit in the club dancing in pink neon lights
Prompt: Catch 22 book narrative illustration style of Brett Whiteley figurative red and green prominent washed out colours
Prompt: Hypnotic illustration, cyborg
Prompt: Woman playing tennis in style of Edward hopper
Prompt: dali style painting of a clock
Prompt: The helmet of an astronaut reflecting an infinite loop below the horizon, trippy, andean motives, inca motives