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anime, portrait, female, blood dark theme, white eyes, fantasy, Baldur's gate
anime, portrait, female, blood dark theme, whit... [more]
Model: OpenArt Creative
Width: 768Height: 432
Scale: 10Steps: 75
Sampler: DDIMSeed: 959838838

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Prompt: anime, portrait, female, blood dark theme, white eyes, fantasy, Baldur's gate
Prompt: attractive female dark elf vampire showing fangs
Prompt: Vampire warrior queen red hyper realistic face features hyper detailed head piece around forehead
Prompt: Biblical demonic woman that is beautiful controlling weak minds, beautiful AI women temptress, dark and sinister, highres, detailed, horror, biblical, temptress AI, mind control, demonic presence, dark tones, intense lighting, biblical demon, detailed facial features, sinister atmosphere, high quality, eerie, haunting, AI temptress, demonic influence, hypnotic, unsettling, powerful presence
Prompt: A breathtaking fantasy art image of a demonic woman. She is (extremely beautiful with luscious lips, captivating eyes, button nose, thick thighs, slim waist)+. She is tall with demonic claws, demonic scales and demonic horns. She is in her demonic lair waiting for the viewer. The image should be meticulously detailed
Prompt: women , hell, vampire ,  20 years old, light armor with big cleavage ,long  black hair with white highlights, gradient red iris , goth clothe , cape , moon, elbow on knees hands together, seatting on a the hell throne, parted bangs, ethereal, royal vibe, highly detailed, digital painting, Trending on artstation, Big Eyes, artgerm, highest quality stylized character concept masterpiece, award winning digital 3d oil painting art, hyper-realistic, intricate, 64k, UHD, HDR, image of a gorgeous, beautiful, dirty, highly detailed face, hyper-realistic facial features, perfect anatomy in perfect composition of professional, long shot, sharp focus photography, cinematic 3d volumetric
Prompt: Create a highly detailed AI defined image of a highly detailed medieval undead fantasy female death knight character in a fictional fantasy realm.

wide landscape lense, ISO 500, Aperture f/22, APS-C, Splash art, dark fantasy art, stunning bokeh, cinematic lighting and scale, super detailed, 64k, high quality perfect lighting, perfect shadows.
Prompt: anime portrait female blood dark theme spear fantasy Baldur's gate