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Ricky Gonzalez

Ricky Gonzalez


Create an image of the valley of the shadow of death
Create an image of the valley of the shadow of death [more]
Model: OpenArt SDXL
Width: 1024Height: 1024
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: Seed: 1486488690

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Prompt: Detailed digital painting of a haunting, dark moon, eerie glow illuminating a desolate landscape, ominous shadowy figures, misty atmosphere, high contrast, detailed craters, ominous, eerie, haunting, desolate, digital painting, high contrast, misty, detailed craters, ominous shadowy figures, moonlit landscape, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: A mysterious figure in a desolate landscape, lost and introspective, face hidden in shadows, solitary silhouette against a vast, empty horizon, barren wasteland stretching into the distance, haunting atmosphere, surreal dream-like setting, dark and moody color palette of deep blues and grays, subtle hints of light breaking through the darkness, enigmatic aura, evoking feelings of isolation and uncertainty, digital art, intricate details, ethereal glow, by Zdzisław Beksiński, ArtStation
Prompt: mountain, dramatic fantasy scene, cinematic lighting, hazard
Prompt: Death in the Far Distance, realistic, desolate landscape, solitary figure, haunting silhouette, sun setting over the horizon, dusty atmosphere, muted color palette, high definition, detailed shadows, realistic style, desolation, eerie, intense lighting
Prompt: Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing
chaotic yet harmonious composition, expressive representation, sensual and enigmatic atmosphere
Prompt: the land of "what if" questions. this realm would be a hazy area with swirl-wind and fog, and you can kina see the shape of its citizens and things but they don't show fully who or what they are. In this land, dreams and sunshine appears only half-truth, distorted from what they are.
Prompt: Foreboding black jagged mountains, ominous atmosphere, high contrast, digital painting, dark and eerie, intense shadows, realistic, high quality, haunting, mountain range, stormy sky, menacing, desolate, atmospheric lighting
Prompt: dark black lone wanderer in the foreground; huge tower of trials in the background; light on top of the tower
Prompt: Depressive digital art illustration, desaturated colors, lonely figure in a desolate landscape, haunting atmosphere, high quality, digital painting, desaturated, haunting, emotional, lonely figure, desolate landscape, somber mood, atmospheric lighting