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a joyful fairy queen, in a dark forest, telephoto, rule of thirds, symmetry, beautiful, magical, fireflies, mysterious matte painting by greg rutkowski and marc simonetti and ivan shishkin, 4 k
a joyful fairy queen, in a dark forest, telepho... [more]
Model: Stable Diffusion 1.5
Width: 512Height: 512
Scale: 7Steps: 25
Sampler: DPM Solver++Seed: 2020333944
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Prompt: Hollow, female, zodiac signs, drawing, dynamic setting, realistic proportions, gothic, forest, background, detailed blue, black, gold, copper, jade tinted, grim, Leonardo da Vinci's
Prompt: tiny fairy in the deep green dreamy forest, dreamlike, stylized, character design, fantasy
Prompt: 1girl druid nymph fairy with wings, breathtaking suggestive photo by Ferdinand Knab, Liam Wong, Stephan Martinière, Guillermo del Toro, Nan Goldin, Gregory Crewdson, Thomas Kinkade, Aron Wiesenfeld, and John Atkinson Grimshaw. beautiful, crisp Pinterest model portrait, (16:9 4k UHD wallpaper).
Prompt: Please draw a beautiful girl standing in the midst of a lush, ancient forest with a mysterious and magical atmosphere. The image should be in the form of a cartoon
Prompt: A woman standing in a windswept field under a night sky with long red wavy hair, photo realistic face, dancing fireflies surround her, fantasy, surreal, beautiful, photorealistic, high quality, peaceful
Prompt: Fairy queen in a mythical forest, beautiful, mythical beasts in surroundings, High detail, UHD
Prompt: A magical forest with towering trees covered in glowing mushrooms and fireflies flitting about. Enchanting, mystical, highly detailed, digital painting, concept art, warm lighting.
Prompt: a fairy illustration
Prompt: a fairy setting very realistic
Prompt: cheerful winged fairy with silver blonde hair and fairy mushroom castle hidden in the forest, swan, sparkles, fairy dust, sunshine, cozy, soft light, detailed tree, hyper detailed, super detailed, hyper realistic, sharp focus, 8k, inspired by wlop
Prompt: a boy walking into the woods with his pet fox, Greg Rutkowski-style matte painting, morning light, sunrise, golden hour, trend at the art station
Prompt: A 3d render of a red haired young woman wearing a floral summer dress looking away at an enchanted forest surrounded by fairies with some books with natural sunlight peering through the thick tall trees with bright colours
Prompt: Anaglyph, Beautiful fire moonlight forest fairy , style by Aleksi Briclot, tom bashaw and catrin welz-stein, surreal dream. Extremely detailed, intricate, beautiful, high definition
Prompt: Pale freckled cute, turned up noise curly hair redhead skinny beautiful lady, transparent dress, forest, crook, small river, transparent water, crystal clear water, colourful flowers, golden light, see, summer, flourishing, nature, sunlight, 8k, intricated, ultra detailed, by Justin Gerard
Prompt: Beautiful Fairy goddess walking through a sparkling enchanted labyrinth filled with colorful flowers at night, highres, award winning illustration, extremely detailed, painting, colorful, cute, dreamy, fantasy
Prompt: The first Alice walked
Into the woods of Wonderland
Bravely, with a fearsome sword
Held tightly in her hand
Slicing down whatever laid
In her unyielding wrath
Leaving chaos in her wake
By a red bloody path

Then Alice strayed too far
Lost within the woods
Giving in to all her sins
Locking her away for good
Much like the gruesome path
That marked her evil ways
Still her life remains a mystery
'Till this very day